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They offer an array of financial services and products to consumers who are commercial clients as well as other small businesses through the internet, physical branches as well as many other distribution channels (Capital One Financial Corporation 2016). The institution serves a host of different industries supplying them with both expertise and specialized experience in the particular industry. They do this by customizing the goals of the particular industry to help navigate the needs of the clientele as well assist the consumer to achieve their intended goals. As one of the top 1 banking facilities in the United States, they also provide industrial and retail solutions as well as other multifamily loans. For instance, if the customer s from the healthcare industry Capital one bank will assist the client to grow their business in the particular industry by helping them understand their legislative commitments.

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Analysis of Personal Selling & Sales Management Approach To increase sales research recommends the use of various methods because the use of multiple methods emphasizes the need to create transparency in product management. The sales models need to be made very clear especially to those in the organization that is involved in executing the model. Besides, successful sales management requires new metrics, solutions meetings, and routines. This is the core of the values integrated into the company’s culture in the organization that is involved in executing the model. Besides, successful sales management requires new metrics, solutions meetings, and routines. What’s more, the company was also the first in another innovation in 21016. The company used a virtual assistant for Amazon’s Alexa to offer voice-activated financial transactions.

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Analysis of Organizational Systems, Policies &Culture A financial institution’s information infrastructure, as well as the structure, cannot achieve any advantage without the skillset to match and exploit in the organization. Hence, in terms of employment Capital, one bank employs and trains the most qualified and unique individuals that can adapt to the fast changing technological world because the successful implementation of complex strategies starts with hiring the right individuals for the job. In the letter to a stakeholder in 1995, Nigel states that the company is not merely competing with commercial banks, but maintains its success rate by committing the organization to hire motivated and talented associates. In the financial business, both software and data are two of the most important on tangible products that the companies offer.

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This is why technology plays an important role in I the company’s strategies for achieving its goals. In the fast-changing world of technology and the market, the customer expects constant changes in line with the development taking place in their world and market. Therefore, the Capital one banking system aims to keep interacting with the consumers providing, online banking services, mobile, and even the Automated teller machines (ATM) improvements. Your recommendations for the next 1-2 years of the company. There are certain guidelines that help financial institutions identify and priorities threats mitigating risks, and understand security gaps that need to be filled. The company will, therefore, need to come up with cybersecurity goals, designs that will keep data safe. With a risk-based framework, companies can communicate and collaborate as necessary, decide how to design, monitor and measure their cyber-security goals, and keep their data safe.

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The growing preference inflexibility is also another issue that the financial companies will address. Although, currently, in the current financial system Capital one bank is in the lead. Furthermore, the business did even better when it integrated its acquired business unlocking his power of the operational value. Capital first ventured into retail banking and acquired Hibernia National Bank in 2005. Later in 2006, it acquired North Fork Bank ad in 2008 Chevy Chase Bank. After some time the institution acquired ING Direct making the country the largest direct bank and HSBC’s in the U. S As a result of the last two acquisitions, the bank went on to become the largest direct banks well as one of the largest lenders in America after JP Morgan and the Bank of America.

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