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Nevertheless, there have been numerous researches projects on control of climate changes problems such as global warming. This research study discusses various climate changes challenges and their impacts on BC (British Columbia) sky industries on their business performance. Furthermore, the research essay addresses various ways of controlling climate changes influences on Sky industry business and how these industries will look in future after adopting measures on climate changes. The discussed research study will be helpful in developing new perception responses and changes in BC sky industry and other sky industries within the surrounding environment, (Barnett et al, 2008). The research study used two types of methodology; the method of interpretive and qualitative. Other features which influence the reliability of snow is the depth of the snow.

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However, more increase in the snow may reduce the snow activities a drawback in decreasing revenue. Recently, years British Colombia has been experiencing different climate change trends. For example, in past days the annual average temperature was recorded to be 1. 4 degrees Celsius however due to climate changes the yearly average temperature has been reported to rise to a range between 1. 0 Literature review The literature review of the research study represented empirical study and theoretical studies with a focus on achieving the main objectives and goals of the research study. i. Empirical case study: British Columbia sky hills of Kootenays resorts. There are average research studies concerning sky industry and snow tourism industry Meanwhile, snow industries being one of the central fields of the tourism sector and a major factor to BC growth economy there is need to develop strategies to solve climate change remedies.

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Furthermore, being a British Colombian citizen and one of fun and a player of snow ice games such as skiing and ice skating have felt to research climate changes its impact on snow industries. Despite, the sky industries revenue and benefits distributed by the Government all over the country equally, they were more determined than other regions in the BC on climate changes. These were due to climate change which was a crucial risk to snowfields. Kootenays people benefited a lot from sky industry tourism as compared to other locations in BC, (Amos et al, 2014). Sky industry had increased the value of the British Colombia economy to a higher level whoever due to changes in climate the value of economy was depreciating.

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This was due to a decrease of some tourist and skier who were much influenced by the reliability of snow. Participants were assured that their data wouldn't be disclosed to the third party and their location will remain unidentified. Furthermore, they were assured that their responses were more critical and will be held to a high level of integrity. 0 Methodology and methods The primary methodology used in the research was qualitative methodology which involved conducting questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. Selected interviews were precise and well understandable to the user who was under the main subject on climate changes and strategies to be adopted in British Columbia as a remedy for climate change impacts on sky industries. The interviews conducted were set in a standard manner in that they were not biased and also didn't affect the response from the participants.

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Risk perception After carrying out analysis of the research interviews records, it was observed that climate change was an important challenge to snowfields. The weather was the most significant risk to the sky industries which was found to have affected tourism industry business and other associated business. The weather was found to have affected the depth of snow which was mainly due to increased temperatures in the region. Also, the weather was found to have changed other aspects, for example, the low winds needed for sky industry were changing to high winds and also visibility aspect was turning from high to low. These were great risks to the sky industry and other associated business. iii. BC sky industry responses and adaptation The BC sky participants involved in the research study accredited that occurrence of winter in the British Columbia was and will be essential for the better operational performance of tourism activities.

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It was found from Sky participants that they were worried of climate changes and how their sky industry activities were in high risk of collapsing in future if measures against the climate changes impact on snow were not taken. 0 Conclusions In conclusions, the research study gives results identified, analyzed and evaluated on BC sky industries particular in Kootenays highland. The research study investigated people perception on the climatic change impacts to sky industries, their business, and strategies to adapt to cope with climate changes challenges. Barnett, T. P. , Pierce, D. W. , Hidalgo, H. The end of snow. New York Times. Freeland, H. J. Evidence of change in the winter mixed layer in the Northeast Pacific Ocean: a problem revisited. Climate change adaptation in the ski industry.

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