Cathedral Raymond Carver analysis

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His wife passed away and he is on his way to visit the narrator and the narrator’s wife. My neighbor James and his wife Sara would play the role of the narrator and the narrator’s wife. Robert, the blind man role would be played by my dad’s friend, David. These people reflect the qualities of the characters in the story. My neighbor James would play the role of the narrator. Taking the role of directing the blind man when he visits them up to the room was quite a sign of compassion and warm welcome. She shares a lot with the blind man and secretive matters related to her marriage and the hard things she is going through.

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The wife’s husband doesn’t like so much about the blind people and has negative speculation about them but the wife fails to allow this to be practiced on Robert and rebukes the husband when he tends to reach this level. She shows sympathy and cares to Robert. As best friend to Robert, she welcomes him to her house and provides comfort as if he is in his house. Although the narrator and the narrator’s wife are in good health, their relationship is unsatisfied. The narrator wife feels that her husband doesn’t play a significant role in her life and the marriage is adding value to her. According to her, the blind despite his visual disability builds her better than the husband and thus the close the relation they have.

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