Causes and Effects of Racism Essay

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Racial discrimination has been a major challenge in our communities around the world for a long time. It is unjust for people to divide, associate and treat others unfairly only because of their race. Every human being is equal therefore all rights and privileges provided should be given to each person equally. There many people around the world that differ from each other in terms of their race. Race is categorized in to three aspects, skin color, features of the face and color and type of hair. All these concepts of idealizing people based on their race's characteristics are not accurate and are not right. Everyone should be given an opportunity to express themselves before judging another person. Victims of racism suffer a lot due to many disadvantages that they encounter but luckily, there are laws that punish people who discriminate others based on their races.

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There are a number of problems caused by racial discrimination and inequality in a community such as unequal educational access, discrimination in the schools by teachers and students, unfair employment opportunities at the workplace, unfairness in owning a property or a house, unfair distribution of resources, social services among many others. Racial discrimination results to inequalities in the community which results due to various factors that interact in a complex way. In a community where racism is practiced, the cultures of the community are destroyed and end up forming barriers in a community. Racism can have negative impacts on a person's well-being. Victims of racism tend to isolate themselves from others as they feel like they are not worthy, unwanted and not loved hence end up being depressed.

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