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While enhancing the abilities of individuals the authorities and administration should prevent any harassment or discrimination. For clarity purpose then the best solution that will eliminate the causes of stress is trying to eradicate unemployment in the society, educating the individuals and enlightening the citizens on the new technologies that emerge. Through government enhancement on matters concerning employment, it should be noted that good governance is what brings about the creation of jobs to individuals. Usually, citizens become stressed when they notice that they cannot be absorbed in the countries employment sector. It is regrettable for individuals to go through with their education with hopes that they will be employed one day then to be failed by the system of governance through their mismanagement.

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The authorities and administration that is concerned with the well being of the individuals to avoid stress should go a notch higher and be able to eradicate discrimination and harassment. There is a lot of discriminatory and harassment signs that are shared among individuals in the society that can end up stressing someone. While the government is introducing a certain program like the skills to handle new technology it should do so in a fair way to avoid certain individuals from being left out (10 Causes Of Stress (And How To Avoid Them) - Psychologist. , par. It is a common thing in the most organization for personnel to look down upon some ethnic communities thus they feel demeaned and as a result, they get affected by stress.

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