Change of Perception towards Blacks in Blackish with a Focus on Gender and Race

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The scenario prevailed not only for the Africans but also for the people of colors. One would wonder if some of the immigrants and natives in America were children of a lesser god or their Christ was different from the renowned one of the whites. The same scenario prevailed even after the launch of television in the US in the 1940s and 50s. The programs aired stereotyped the blacks and featured the whites as the sophisticated and civilized in the community. Most of the programs watched on television in the mid-20th century included The Twilight Zone and I Love Lucy all featuring whites ("Golden Age of Television - African Americans and Entertainment of the 1950's-Sarah Peka," n. However, it is crucial to understand that the rate of presentation of different races is crucial as it helps express the recessive and dominant cultural traits and sociological issues that prevail among the American residents.

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Besides, it makes every race feel represented and as equal as the rest of the races that feature in television primetimes. Besides, racial representation in media space, especially visual media, shapes societal intergroup activities and determines the viewers’ viewpoint on traditions, equity, and socio-political standings of a people in the American society (Mastro, 2017). The modern society tends to indicate that viewers from different colors tend to prefer the television stations that air programs that feature “their people” or those that are all inclusive—an aspect that makes ABC, FOX, and CNN competitive in the American media platform. Kohli (2014) opines that a writer of a television program decides if a show will promote or dismiss a comprehension of gender and racial typecasts.

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The producer depicts the duo avoiding using the escalator because a young white girl was on board alone. The reason for the avoidance prevails in the conversation between Dre and the white colleague workers who he informs that black men dislike the luxury of being helpful because of the view by the white Americans that black men are dangerous to mingle with even in broad daylight. This claim is a dangerous proclamation by the blacks that they are aware of the hatred poured on them by the white Americans just because of their skin color. The producer went back in the beginning of 2014 and reminded the viewers of the unrest caused by police brutality as the cops shot black men, women, and children in the US.

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In this case, one would wonder if they deserved to face the pain just because of their color. Ross, an artist, is yet to renew her contract with ABC and is still negotiation her new pact. She received less than what Anthony Anderson received. The financial constraints are a matter of concern for this female actor and she does not think quitting is the best solution. She hints that the best alternative she had would be cutting down on the number of times she appears on the show to concentrate on other works to earn and compensate for the payment discrepancy. However, critics argued and advised that she should not cut down on her work as a way of protesting for equal pay.

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