Changing a University Case Study Analysis

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Insights gained from the case Reading through the case, there were a number of insights that stood out and were visible. The insights that were most visible can be categorized into four main aspects that included the purpose of the case study, the challenge, the dilemma and the irony of the case. To begin with, the purpose of the case study was to change the delivery and technology of education by implementing significant changes to remain relevant with the focus mainly being on Universities and colleges (Case Study, n. d). It is evident to argue that Universities and Colleges are used to a certain way of doing things that over the years has become hard to implement change as they are already used to these certain ways of operation.

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However, this case provides a different form of perspective in which the colleges and Universities are opposite to this. They have the best expertise to implement change seamlessly and aspects such as organizational development, managing change, and building high-performance organizations but still, they cannot implement change effectively. They additionally require external expertise to implement change within their institutions, and this is the irony that is presented in the case study. In general, the case study offers a number of insights in regards to the change implementation within universities and colleges. However, the ones that stood out as far as we are concerned are the purpose of the case study, the challenge that was brought about by the discussing of the issue, the dilemma in implementing the change and also the irony of the whole scenario.

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Another aspect that seems to be in the wrong order is the interviewing of the top management and at, later on, involving the top management in the change process. The involvement of the top management should have been within the beginning steps of the top management also to avoid any conflict with them as they play a major role in the change process. Therefore, with the right order and follow-up of things, this approach would be effective and efficient in the implementation of change within the universities. However, despite the unexplainable approach that is taken by the case study, form a different perspective, it can also be seen as being quite effective. The change process looks at certain angles of approach, covering the important aspects and stakeholders in the implementation of the change process.

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Additionally, we would also advise on the use of the Kotter’s change management model as it is a comprehensive and effective approach to use. In the event that our firm was hired to handle this case, there are a number of approaches that we would have done differently which include the incorporation of the Kotter’s 8 step change management model and also the use of the employees within the change process to ensure that the process is effectively managed. In addition, accepting feedback from the students is also an important factor to include as they will be impacted by the change greatly as compared to any other stakeholder. With this incorporation, the change is bound to last and incorporate the set decisions.

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