Perception of Nature Vs Nature in Personality Determination

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Many theories tries to explain what determine the uniqueness of an individual or trait. There are arguments that genetic factor, social factors, upbringing, which is contributed by the environment, are some of the determiner of the individual attributes. There is an argument that nature and nurture are the key facts that determine the individual ultimate characteristic. In this review literature review, pertaining some study on the most effective determinant of human behavior will be carried out. Nurture refers to the environmental factors of a person, which can be contributed by the upbringing of a person, and sociological and cultural factors of an individual, while the nature refers to the inborn capability of an individual, which can be determined by the genetic and inherited factors (Cherry, 2017).

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He suggest that according to the nativists like Galton believe that the behavior of a person is determined by inherited genes that are as a product of the genetic evolution that is passed from one person to another. While the empiricists believe that at birth the human mind is tabula rasa which is a blank slate that is gradually filled due to interaction hence behaviorism. He finally conclude that human being have tried to assume that there is no easy way means of determining the really role played by environmental and genetically factors in the development of human behavior since some experiments have been carried out which did not bear result or sufficient result like human genome project gene study (McLeod, 2007).

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In addition, a qualitative research study by Mairi Levitt on the role of nature and nurture on the influence of the development of the antisocial behavior among individuals in the society found that: Nurture is more effective in the determination of an individual behavior. Nature and nurture interact in the determining an individual behavior, thus they both plays a significant role in the trait that an individual develop. Other than that, the research review qualitative article by John D. Mullen determines the significance of knowing the cause of origin of certain characteristic in the utilization of changing that behavior. According to his finding determining, the origin of certain behavior to be either nurture or nature does not play a critical role in changing that behavior.

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Thus, according to the study the determinations to be environmental or natural cause of an individual behavior do not play any significant role in the alteration of and behavior (Mullen, 2006). Additionally, a quantitative article review on the “genetic and environmental influence on human behavior’ by Matt McGue and Thomas J. He also discuss how wrong perception about this topic resulted in numerous actions which includes Galton and Darwin ideas on the inheritance of the superior gene, that is nature, that might have led to the occurrence of the Nazi activity who believed that they were superior than other races. He also argue that this notion could have led to sterilization of some inferior race who had did not have gene for intelligent.

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However, continues and defend the evolution of the current nature perception that is based on the genetic on the molecular Biology perception. He later pinpoint out the misguide that the nature based molecular experiments researchers are currently misguiding the Americans on the existence of the obesity gene. This gene is making the Americans fats, which according tyo him is just a propaganda since the American fatness result from the eating behavior hence it is nature based. He concludes that news media and other source should give a concrete information pertaining gender role since the information play great importance in the shaping of the society reasoning (Eagly and Wood, 2013). Conclusion In summary, different articles reviewed have collectively assumed that both the nature and nurture play a significant role in the determination of an individual personality.

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In addition, most of the articles suggest that the current argument or researcher are focused on how much each trait contribute to the development of certain character. Finally, another controversial issue is emerging in the behavioral biology, which is based in the molecular determination of the gene responsible for the given trait. However, they have failure since there is no single gene that determines a given behavior that is elucidated. and Wood, W. The Nature –Nurture Debates: 25 Years of challenges in understanding the psychology of gender. Aps association psychology science. https://dornsife. usc. Perception of nature, nurture and behavior. Life science, society and Policy. https://link. springer. com/content/pdf/10. org-naturevsnurture. pdf Moore, S. D. Current thinking about nature and nurture.

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