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He asserts that it is both a human rights issue and a tremendous waste of the world’s human potential. An organization that deprives women equal rights with their counterparts also denies the other half of the population a chance to express themselves. Social, economic, and political equality for women will benefit all the world’s citizens. According to him, gender equality problem has been ignored for some time now, leading to the rise in what is termed as feminism. He concludes that gender impartiality is only attainable when both sexes benefit from similar opportunities and rights across all fields of societies. From a global perspective, gender inequality views gender as a power relation. According to the book, efforts on gender inequality, therefore, aims to address unequal gender norms that constrain both men and women, as well as transgender and intersex people.

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The Christian perspective views inequality as the act where both men and women are treated unequally, different from the purpose outlined by God. The book contains statistical measurements of the levels of inequality experienced by both genders. Lorber, J. (2016, March 7). Christianity and Gender Equality. Retrieved from http://www. cidse. org/gender-equality-blog/christianity-and-gender-equality. (2016, September 24). The Bible Is Crystal Clear on Gender Equality. Retrieved from https://www. onfaith. co/discussion/the-bible-is-crystal-clear-on-gender-equality The article starts by stating that in every corner of the world, religious teachings on gender and power always revolve around biblical teachings. Retrieved from https://www. cbeinternational. org/resources/article/other/biblical-gender-equality-summary The article highlights that there is no evidence in the Genesis account of creation that points out that man is higher in authority and status over women.

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The creation story emphasizes equality because it states that God created woman from man’s rib, and the man acknowledges that she is the bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. The statement shows that they both share the same substance and that they should complement each other. According to her, the male and female being represent two forms of pure energy; they are the feminine and masculine components of a single soul. No person can boldly claim that God is either male or female, but He has manifestations of both genders. The manly representation, which is more assertive, and the feminine way, which is calmer. The author points that women have to be treated equally as women, even if they have different strengths and weaknesses.

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Grusky, D. They describe the reason why women are discriminated against is that most people confound this calmness with weakness. According to them, their quietness is much stronger than the most aggressive physical attribute conceivable. Conclusively, the solution lies on men and women relying on their strengths and not trying to be like each other. The authors suggest that both the masculine and feminine aspect possessed by human beings is a mere representation of God. Reilly, N. S.  MCC's commitment to gender equality. The book argues that sin is the onset of discrimination, sexism, racism, classism, and other forms of systematic inequality prevalent in the current society. It is a sin that results in inequitable education, training, opportunity, harassment, sexual abuse, slavery, and other crimes.

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Therefore, the society must come out in full force and fight against all these injustices. co/discussion/the-bible-is-crystal-clear-on-gender-equality Bonfils, L, & European Institute for Gender Equality.  Gender equality index: Report. Luxembourg: Europ. Inst. for Gender Equality Grusky, D. cidse. org/gender-equality-blog/christianity-and-gender-equality. html Kenschaft, L.  J.  Gender inequality in our changing world: A comparative approach Lorber, J. Retrieved from https://www. cbeinternational. org/resources/article/other/biblical-gender-equality-summary Reilly, N. , & Scriver, S.  Religion, gender, and the public sphere Siitonen, L.  Religion, gender, and the public sphere Grusky, D.  B. , Kricheli-Katz, T. , & Stanford University Press.  The new gilded age: The critical inequality debates of our time. org/resources/article/other/biblical-gender-equality-summary Anne Graham Lotz, A.  G. (2016, September 24). The Bible Is Crystal Clear on Gender Equality.

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