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Music carries a special message to its people. It comprises of captivating emotions, intense and very touching message and also explaining ones’ historical perspective or the whole history of the community. The style of music evolved with the changes in the society. As many technological changes take the world, so as the music industry developed. This evolvement and changes in the music brought about some distance periods of each type of music that became dominant in the society. Ths comprised of the musical texture that consists of the melody that is typically sung by a single singer and played by a single instrument and does not accompany the use of musical chords. This music type used the syllabic and mellismatic text settings in its structure.

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This music was also based on pitches that include Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, and Mixolydian. The sources of this music are mostly manuscripts, and they are hard copied on parchments. The songs at this period comprised of numerous chants and they were mainly in Latin for the church services. This music also utilizes the full SATB registers and the music at this time used and applied the use of instruments. The motion of music in this era was characterized by conjunct lines with some more full skips. Dancings was also introduced at this period. Dances in music were usually in pairs. Sacred Choral, a Capella composition with some specific ordinary sections of the Catholic service composed as a group that was associated with some cantus firmus in the tenor part of the music.

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Modern samples of music such as modern symbols of music, time signatures, key signatures, and dynamic bars were also introduced at this time. The instruments also changed a lot in this musical period. The introduction of instruments such as violins, horns, and trumpets appeared in this music period; This major development led to the production of music that was more captivating. This music period was also the best thing that led to the introduction of highly flavored music. The composers of music from this era also developed some improvisation of designs and the bass and the introduction of keyboards allowed for the expansion of possibilities that revolutionized and changed the whole perspective of the music. This period was based on the music that was highly composed to meet the emotional attachments of the people.

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