Children Growth and Development

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The main purpose of this understanding is the exploitation of abilities in perceiving children and of understanding those remarks. Following these remarks, the aim of the paper is to examine and note the similarities or differences of the abilities to the averages of children; their age and to equate and analyse the outcomes in contradiction of what children growth theorists have fully apprehended as to purport via applicable interpretation and understanding acquired from experiences. The paper presents in depth the elements necessary for children to thrive in their environment. In addition, the paper will discuss the benefits of growing up in a literature rich environment and the obstacles that may impede intellectual development (Fowler, William, 116). There are many factors that determine the developments of children regarding the environment they are brought up in.

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Children who spend most of their time reading are intelligent kids and as they grow they are always organized, prepared and they always have options in their plans which they engage in case anything goes wrong (Fowler, William, 116). The first need that children encounter is the physical need. Categorically, this need comprises of many elements which include: exercise, a home, healthy nutritious food to grow and develop both mentally and physically, clothes, safety and protection. Author’s perspective on this need is that children depend on the care they get and heir development greatly depends on the caregivers who provide these physical needs. Simultaneously, they argue that lack of good care during the early stages of children development has a devastating effect of their lives.

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