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Beyond just theory one can do a number of things and also achieve the same results. Involving the whole system is important for synergy in terms of purpose. Therefore, it is very important to develop a number of ways to improve like procedures, rules, how to communicate, relating with all the levels involved and ensuring a rationale for their workability. Philosophy of Classroom Management Philosophy of Classroom Management Classroom management is of great importance and a number of things have to be done to be able to achieve this. Introduction of a number of procedures is vital in the classroom. Parents are also part of the system and they will need to get access to any vital information. Therefore, a number of ways will be employed for communication like direct communication to them via their preferable means like phone number or emails, official letters and when it comes to urgent messages, via students (Poole, 2011).

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Each has its own rationale. For instance, direct communication when it comes to official things like results and anything to do with the student. Official letters when communicating school administration policies and activities and through students when something comes up and it involves them like the need for acquiring specific materials for coursework. With parents, they should ensure they are not rowdy. They should also ensure they represent the school administration well by avoiding the negative things and trying as much to bring out the better picture of the school. Parents should also be involved as part of the disciplinary system. With co-workers it is important to show respect, participate in coming up with the school curriculum and follow protocol as put in place.

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When one is also in trouble it is good to show collaboration and support. Sign a waiver. This is for any damage or misuse of the apparatus. Obtain apparatus that has been assigned to the specific student. Use as instructed to fulfill his or her assignments. Procedure 2: Student Group Assignments Objective: How to work accordingly and in a productive way in groups. Objective: To convey the importance of asking for permission through the correct way. When procedure will be introduced, modeled, and practiced: The very first day of class, to assure students clarity of this important factor. The instructor will emphasize with a one on one demonstration the proper way of asking for permission by raising their hand and asking with correct vocabulary.

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Example; Mr. Valencia, May I use the smart board to show my classmate a solution to the problem. Objective: Convey to the students that their cellphones are a distraction during class hours. When procedure will be introduced, modeled, and practiced: First and second days of the school year. There will be a shelf in the classroom with the names of students to place their cellphones off, for the remaining timeslot. The instructor will give a brief demonstration of what is expected. Students will practice this procedure a few times the first day until the instructor feels a satisfactory outcome. The objective is to get familiarized with the classroom environment for about 15 minutes. Frequency of modeling and practice: Depending on a student’s behavior pattern.

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Assessment and Feedback: The instructor will observe the students to follow the steps correctly and will positively reinforce the students. Procedure Steps or Activity: 1. Whenever the student is not using material PLEASE, put it back where it belongs. The student gets used to praising and expects it for every little thing they may do or say. This system should be a balanced and have meaning at the end of an assignment or project. “Morrish says we must be cautious about that, too. Beyond a certain point, praise actually reduces motivation and increases de-pendency” (Morrish, R. We as teachers must know how to use this system. These strategies can include; Teaching with technology- Today, technology has been rapidly developing, a fact which has had a great impact in learning.

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Technology has been used to teach students by supporting their instructional objectives. Although this strategy can be hardly achieved if the right technological tools are not known. However, when they are known, they act as an eye opening experience to the outside world. Active learning- This strategy focuses on making sure that students in class are actively participating in class activities. Students would also be punctual when the teacher is punctual. Likewise, students are inclined not to be punctual when their teacher is not punctual. The third professional demeanor that a teacher should adopt is dressing like a professional (Wragg, 1996). Clean and fitting clothes as well as maintaining a good smell would earn the teacher respect from students. Parents Firstly, teachers should also show professionalism to parents apart from showing to it students because parents are also part and parcel of the school community (Arias et al.

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