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These conflicts can either break the organization’s operation or in cases; they are well managed and resolved, result in building a robust corporate relationship between eh conflicting members. Every corporation must have a method through which they can solve the conflicts that come by as the stakeholders in the organization works and interact. In this case, the human resource department is charged with the decision of a strategy and plan through the employees can use to resolve their conflicts. Disagreements can be solved using such methods as mediation and negotiations. This discussion would be based on the devising of a problem-solving plan on any conflict between employees on promotions cases (Van Ees, Gabrielsson and Huse). This was John, a rising star in the marketing field in the country and industry.

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The organization had to offer the high salary to hire the guy and in that case, had to ensure that they utilized his skills to the best. To perform optimally, the employee was hired with the promise of receiving a promotion in the second month of his employment. The problem The problem, in this case, came by when in the period of promoting a new departmental head, Edwin had to be passed to the new employee. The challenge was either lose this competitive new employee or compromise the promise on Edwin. Solving such a conflict can require the presence of a plan and a strategy. To solve this conflict, a method had to be devised (Rahim). The process carried out had to ensured that the organization did not suffer from the ensued battle which would impact negatively on the largely anticipated performance in the company.

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The human resource department, therefore, came up with the following process and plan on how to solve the conflict and ensure a peaceful environment in which the performances would be safeguarded and achieved. The plan. Most cases of conflicts areas result from the personal perspective that the parties have. This can affect the interaction between them and change the expectations that each has on the firm and the operations in it. In this case, Edwin might consider that the organization must reward him for the years of working. In the same case, perhaps there are other ways that he is to be rewarded by the team but fails to be understanding them (Wallensteen). Confining his perspective on the ideology that the only way he can be paid as though the promotion can affect his work and attitude when the development is given to another individual.

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The party carrying out the intermediary role in the organization, having devised the solution and presets them to the conflicting parties and they are supported to select the most applicable one. The two sides choose the most applicable solution and therefore assisting eliminating the conflict in this case (Wallensteen). Edwin can be five options for selecting another role other than the departmental head that can help in his satisfaction. The demonstration can also choose to use Edwin in a different branch of the organization where he would have the role he wished for. In case both parties are satisfied with this solution, it is easier now to solve and end the conflict. Rahim, M. A. Managing conflict in organizations. Transaction Publishers, 2010.

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