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Mobile banking has a positive impact on the economy. There is a rising trend of mobile banking services. The sector is predominantly for facilitating monetary transactions. This research will examine various issues which determine the running of mobile banking services. The problem of this research methodology and design is to critically evaluate the determinants of customer satisfaction in the mobile banking sector. Firms come together to maximise their output and price. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of every profit oriented enterprise. The purpose of this qualitative design is to determine customer satisfaction for mobile banking technologies. RESEARCH DESIGN This study will use four variables in order to assess the factors affecting satisfaction of consumers who use mobile banking services. Thus, it will evaluate how, consumer preference, level of education, standard of living, and efficiency of mobile banking services affect customer satisfaction.

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It does not give conclusive comments; however, it helps to capture the real nature of the problems. In assumption to this idea, exploratory research design will help us gain insights on the basic aspects of customer satisfaction. Therefore, this is the best research design for the researches which employ qualitative variables. Exploratory research will enable us to capture a real perspective of what is happening in the market. Mobile banking has set the milestone for economic growth. Therefore, this is a straightforward directive that will support the use of exploratory perspective. Furthermore, in exploratory design, we first examine whether the study has been done before. This enables us to come up with a goog and researchable gap, and consequently, the statement of the problem.

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This study has found that there is a research gap in the field of mobile banking business. This fact has motivated this research, and it will be of more value to firms and other potential and actual investors in the mobile banking business. Primary data is data which is not stored in the archives or any storage device, but it’s collected directly from the field. I will interview the respondents. Open ended questions will be administered to the respondents. Recording will be done. The data will be analysed using software for statistics and social sciences. INTERVIEW PROCESS The questions will be answered by the respondents. The interview process will collect the data in both oral as well as written texts.

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It will take one month period to collect the data. Written materials will be used to administer open ended interview questions. Oral interviews will record data inform of audio as well as video means. How do you use mobile banking to serve consumers 4. What is the relationship between mobile banking and your organisational operations? 5. How are you prepared for opportunities and challenges brought about by mobile banking? Therefore by answering the above questions my team of researchers will be able to come up with enough data for analysis. The software to be used in an analysis will be suitable for the variables whose relationship is to be determined. In conclusion, the research findings will be utilized by various stakeholders, including but not limited to; government agencies, global entities, research organizations, business organizations and consumers.

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