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A well-structured piece of writing can attract more readers than a carelessly done paper. The best writing is a tool to good communication and easier understanding. Any piece of writing needs clarity for easy understanding. Written work reaches a bigger audience compared to spoken word. For this reason any piece of writing needs to be well structured so that it can be used as a guide in the future not just as a source of information (Bouwer, Koster & Van den Bergh, 2015). Guided writing At this point, students will write words and texts to check their writing skills. Dictating often confused or difficult words is one way to help students develop their grammar as well as word spelling. In those small groups students are allowed to discuss amongst themselves on how to go about the assignment.

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Putting together minds is a great idea and good in the personal growth of a student (Mak & Coniam, 2008). When students share ideas and information the process of learning becomes easier compared to the time that they are taught by their teachers. The class teacher will only have to help solving complex matters that are difficult or may have brought confusion in the group. Writing time At this point, students will be given a general topic or subject that they have to write about. The kind of writing will be standard and the students will be graded of their work. The piece of writing will be required to follow a certain order for the purpose of standardization. At this time when writers will be checking their skills, they will be expected to follow three rules which are great strategies to improve one’s skill on writing.

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The past tense shall remain so to the end of the text while the present tense shall remain the same (Zhang, 2000). The next thing to look out for when doing a piece of writing is your hand writing. For as long as you are not using a computer to write then ensure that you use visible hand writing. The writing should be clear enough to allow the maker distinguish between one letter and another. Keep the small letters in their right place just like the capital letters. Read the work through several times not just once. The first reading will help you realize spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The second reading is good for checking the sentence structure. Keep your sentences short and precise.

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It is at this point that the tenses need to be double checked too. Every group member needs to have a script for marking. When the marking begins, ensure that every student marks the script they have been given. The marking will begin, one student in the group will read aloud the work in the script they are assigned to just as it has been written (Wollscheid, Sjaastad & Tømte, 2016). The rest in the group are allowed to make comments and criticism on the paper. The paper will then be awarded a worthy grade with no prejudice or favoritism. This kind of learning is healthy for writers and will increase competition among the students. The management The writing workshop will be managed by the students and the teacher.

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