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The hope of him being alive is not mistake for peace as the author ensures that the difficult times are noted for the people to see and understand. The poem shows as of the brutality that the author experiences throughout his life and that despite being alive, his life is not all that good. The words “Sometimes a year looks back and howls then drops to its knees” are used symbolically to show the reader of the hardships that the writer goes through in his life. Sometimes he even feels like giving up but by the hope of better days come keeps him moving and strong. Every day he lives hoping that tomorrow will be a better day and cannot therefore afford to give up.

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Herr Captain by Irena Klepfisz Herr Captain by Irena Klepfisz is a poem where we see a man and a woman engage in brutal sexual interaction. The speaker who is the woman describes the different difficult situations that she has adhere at the cost of the captains pleasure. Irena Klepfisz uses this poem to describe the brutality of the male to the female and how the male is seen as a subject to the man. The woman does her best to ensure that the man is happy but the man subjects the woman to unbearable pain. This clearly illustrated where the speaker in the poem says, “ forcing bending me till I could not breath. Therefore it is important that women ensure they stand up for their rights to offered same opportunities as men and also to stop being abused.

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