Coastal Zone Management

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The Bay is managed by Massachusetts Ocean management initiative that prohibits the uses, activities or facilities that will impact and alter the ecology of this sanctuary. Boundaries have been created along the Bay which is the mean low water marks and the seaward boundary is stated to be the limit of the state waters which is generally three miles offshore (Cape Code Bay Ocean Santuary). The Ocean Sanctuary Acts contains a set of prohibited uses, activities, facilities and a set of allowed uses that help in binding this prohibitions and anyone found breaking any of the set laws can be prosecuted. This management is very effective and it has greatly helped to keep the ecology safe and its effectiveness is measured with frequent assessment of the habitats especially the endangered ones to check on population increase.

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(ii) Winthrop Beach is defined as the main beach of Winthrop. The harbor is currently facing problems in its commercial activities of fishing because of downturn in the fishing industries hence the need for new management (Gloucester, 2011). The fishing within the harbor is managed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) , this division manages resources for all Massachusetts residents by using fisheries research to develop regulations that help in specifying where, when, and how many fish can be caught every year (Gloucester, 2011). The management collaborates with various fishing industry members and environmental groups to help ensure that marine life is protected. The management has been very effective because it has helped manage the rate of fishing within the harbor which has helped to protect marine.

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