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It is also worth to note that Dubai is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. The Emirate of Dubai forms one of the seven emirates that compose the UAE. Most of Dubai’s revenue is obtained from oil exploration activities. The mining of oil has led to rapid growth of Dubai’s economy and development of the city. Based on history, Dubai was founded as a fishing village at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Nevertheless, there are various religions in Dubai such as Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists. The non-Muslim communities are allowed to own possess and run businesses in the city. This trait promotes the aspect of Dubai being a Generic City. Furthermore, the Generic nature of Dubai was depicted at the beginning of 2001.

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During that time, the government of Dubai offered significant amounts of land for the establishment of Protestant churches and Roman Catholic chapels. Generic city In many cases, a Generic City is seen as a fractal component in how it facilitates transportation infrastructures. This has made the UAE form the Roads and Transport Authority which is in charge of transportation in Dubai and other regions within the UAE. As a result of using the RTA, Dubai has developed into a Generic City because of the provision of an efficient and integrated transport design. The government has invested a lot of funds to ease congestion in the city. This has been enabled through the construction of massive road networks which are capable of supporting many vehicles at the same time.

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Apart from the architectural design of Dubai International Airport, the airport supports its representation of a generic city because it is a major contributor to the Dubai economy. This is because the terminal offers numerous job employment to many people. Since the beginning of the 1970s, the runways of the major airports in Dubai have been lengthened. Extensions on the runways and aprons have been carried out to sustain the demand for flights. The airport’s infrastructure was implemented as Dubai’s major airport and the region’s busiest airport. History as the major preoccupation of Dubai Based on the history of Dubai, the City’s historical context depicts it as a Generic City. By the beginning of the twentieth century, Dubai had become a prosperous port.

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The discovery of oil in 1966 spurred the growth and development of Dubai. Various facilities such as learning institutions, healthcare organizations, roads, telecommunication systems were established in Dubai. Above all, history provides a major influence of Dubai into becoming a Generic City. The city has a rich collection of buildings as well as structures of different architectural designs. Finding several modern interpretations of Islamic architecture in Dubai is common. This is mainly because of the rapid increase in architectural innovations and construction technology in the UAE and Dubai in particular. This is also strengthened by the fact that Dubai has various leading construction organizations which has assisted in the formulation of international architectural standards and engineering designs. These firms include Aedas and Al Hashemi which are renown construction and engineering design organizations across the world.

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