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Throughout the story, the writer brings out an essential character of her husband G as a wise academician who was teaching at the university and was even her tutor back in college but due to changes in climate change and poverty issues criminals such as M develop who later murders G. The narrator starts off the story by giving the issues affecting London city which includes damaged sewer systems, poor access roads and hospitals closure which is making cholera spread unstoppably. The narrator is naïve and claims that he was afraid of getting close to some relatives fearing they had cholera "Didn't get too close to them in case they were carrying it" (Simpson, p. She also says that they lost some of their sons in the previous years out of this epidemic.

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The writer is very effective in bringing out the issues affecting the country and fears that these problems may turn out to be harmful. She also struggles to have a child at her young age, but there’s no hope for one. She loses faith and observes that it feels even better now that she does not have to wash nappies. This is an indication that the writer is not ready to bear the struggles of bringing up a child. It is also a clear indication that she has not mentally matured to understand priorities in life as she is also humorous about taking care of Maia's child. At this stage, she seems to have developed a bit of recognition and empathy for others but still through forcing herself to avoid embarrassing others.

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She was a careless and less concerned about bearing a child and felt the child was a burden. However, right now she seems to be mature both mentally and physicals as she gets prepared to bring up a child amid the difficulties. She is emotionally stable and empathizes with the unborn baby which is a sign if a woman that has realized her past mistakes. The changes that have taken place are essential and symbolize the changes that should take place to rectify the environmental degradation. This should include general responsibility by all players regardless of their educational backgrounds. The lack of child by the couple can be seen as the weak efforts that are being done by the government in addressing the issue of climate change which is inadequate.

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For instance, denying people access to essential resources is not wise of the government when critical aspects and simple strategies can be used including control of sewage and stocking hospitals with drugs. The story is well crafted and shows a creative approach to environmental aspects and given the time the story was written barely 2040, and the narrator's observations are already affecting many countries. Immigration is also an outcome of environmental destruction, and also crimes increases due to the same issues are the case with M who later murders G and abuses the narrator for many days. The story looks like a great inspiration to the local people to make their little efforts in preserving the environment and not to wait for the educated.

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