Meat Consumption and Its Harm to the Environment

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d). The Worldwatch institute also reported that animal agriculture contributes to more than 51% of the greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and this is harmful to the environment, (PETA n. d). Another reason why I felt it is important to explore this issue is because majority of the various cultures in the world have adapted to a meat eating lifestyle more than other kinds of food, (University of British Columbia n. d). Albala (2014) also discovered that in the current meat industries, pizzas are now pilled with more than four different types of meat such as beef, chicken among other kinds. Within the context of this issue globally and naturally, I will be examining the issue from a variety of viewpoints such as scientists and consumers.

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Marketing experts especially Ian Phan, have said that the increase in meat consumption among many people nowadays is as a result of myths 5(Raphaely, Talia & Marinova, 2016). The marketing expert further adds that meat adverts have convinced very many people because they come along with the benefits of meat such as nutritional benefits such as masculinity 6(Raphaely et al. Other America academics such as Luciano and Cristiane have also argued that there is excessive meat eating increase in Brazil, where many people practice animal husbandry as their main economic activity (Raphaely et al 2016). Cows also consume minimum of 17 pounds of crops (vegetation), in order to produce at least a single pound of flesh (PETA n. d). Another study shows that a single pig meat factory produces the same amount of waste that 12000 people can produce (PETA n.

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d) leading to soil pollution in the areas which these factories are located. The emission of these wastes into the environment leads to increase in greenhouse gases which lead to global warming. (2016), the author urged people to do this for their own health. I therefore believe that the use of mass media would be effective because it can be used to reach very many people at a time. Implications of Mass Media It terms of cost, mass media is relatively cheap compared to other forms of information passage. In the case of print media such as books, the initial costs of production would be higher, but once published, no other extra costs follow. There will be no need of publishing the books for the next many years, unless there is need to add some information.

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Moreover, PETA’s motto, “animals are not ours to eat”, was widely used to address the public. This was taken seriously by people and meat consumption reduced in India. I believe that the use of campaigns would be effective because it offers real time experience that what you hear is true and practical. Often, people tend to believe what they see than what they hear. Implications of the Use of Campaigns Campaigns can be expensive when we take into consideration the transport expenses and the pay outs to campaigners. The use of laws can be effective because many people will fear facing the law. Implications of This Method One of the implications is that it will take some bit of time before the law is implemented.

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