Combating depression and anxiety of university of waterloo students through of intramural sport activities

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However, a subject they did not touch on was the promotion of physical activity through intramural activities. Intramurals refer to a set of sports and recreational activities organized and executed within a specific institution or a geographical area (Swanson & Wiggins, 2016). The first intramural sports departments evolved from student organized sports and clubs; the earliest recorded facilitation of these departments at post secondary institutions were established at Ohio State University and University of Michigan in 1913 (University of Michigan Student Life, 2019). Today, these departments offer various team and individual sport experiences that can lead participants to a wealth of benefits, and such outcomes can serve as an effective method of coping with high levels of stress, depression, and/or anxiety. Sport and physical activity bring about changes in the brain which are otherwise achieved only through drugs. Like sport and physical activity, drugs for treatment of depressions act on the brain's capacity to absorb serotonin. They strengthen the epinephrine activity and ensure the release of various factors for nerve growth. These factors promote cell growth in the brain and prevent the death of cells in the hippocampus which is otherwise caused by depression. Together with these changes, sport and physical activity also lead to a reduced activity of the stress hormone cortisol and therefore have an effect like psychotropic drugs. According to Bocarro et al. coming together and participating in similar activities, whether from the same team or not, enables people to share a lot and one gets to learn some few things (Bocarro, Kanters, Edwards, Casper, & McKenzie, 2014).

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Many post-secondary programs are believed to have tight schedules allowing them very little time to go out and interact with others. Some of the academic works they engage in are stressful and suffocating thus predisposing them to a mental break. It is believed that those who participate in intramural activities relieve enough stress through these activities, in turn, allowing them to prepare to face the academic monster in a replenished mode. This research, therefore, will focus on the mental well-being of intramural participants at the University of Waterloo. Research Objectives The following are the objectives for this study; I. To understand common intramural activities which lead to low level of depression and anxiety among the student in the university. II. To know how regular should the university should organise intramural activities per week in order to combat anxiety and depression among the students.

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III. Intramural Sport Activities, are closely linked to the well being of the mind and thus can be used as a tool to combat the mental issues among the students. This research will look into how Intramural Sport Activities can be applied by the waterloo university to help in reducing the emotions of the students and thus reduction in number of suicides committed per year. Significance of the Study Suicide cases, are common many of universities in the untied states and thus something that the whole of the continent needs to take with serious attention. Loosing the young and innovative generation in our university through suicide is a total loss the nation and thus any possible means has to be taken to combat this problem by reducing the number of deaths witnessed within the universities.

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According to the reports of WHO depression was mapped to the leading cause to ill health within the world and causes of disability and from their data, over 300 million people are living with depression. Research Methodology This research will involve use of various methods of data collection. The method of data collection used in this research is use of questionnaires which are distributed to various stakeholders within the university and collected for analysis. The population selected consists of 18 male participants and 12 female participants. The age of the participants vary from 19-26 years and large number of participants are within 21 and 22 years (App 1). The large number of ethic group of the participants come from the Caucasian and African American. Participants who had not engaged in Intramural Sport Activities had poor mental healthy when compared with those had become part it.

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Intramural Sport Activities which are commonly played include volley ball, basketball, badmitton, outdoor soccer and hockey. The rate of exercising for the Intramural Sport Activities is very high per week within the university. Finally, Intramural Sport Activities have positive effects to the participants and thus it helps to improve their mental healthy. Implications of Research Basketball, volleyball, badmitton and soccer are common types of Intramural Sport Activities which preferred by large of participants and thus closely linked to relieving the burden of depression and anxiety to the learners in this institution. thestar. com/news/gta/2017/08/12/how-many-ontario-post-secondary-students-die-by-suicide-each-year-no-one-knows-for-sure. html Monteiro, L. March 6). UW student dies by suicide at student residence. ctt1ffjhrc University of Michigan Student Life. History of Recreational Sports. University of Michigan. University of Michigan. Retrieved from https://recunionrenovations. Depression Among College Students".

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Adaa. Org, 2019, https://adaa. org/learn-from-us/from- the-experts/blog-posts/consumer/depression-among-college-students. Psychology Of Depression- Behavioral Theories".

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