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The ability of an organization to respond to market changes by establishing an organizational structure which values the need to put up an integrated model for making the unbroken accomplishment of operations. The paper will take an analysis of organizational behavior regarding change and the need for a good communication model for an organization. The review will undertake a literature review on how different people within the organizations put up their activities in a way that enables them to improve their services and offer excellent performance. The review will provide a more comprehensive understanding that speaks to the delivery of a competitive advantage in a market having significant potential and opportunities. Analysis of Change and Good Communication in Organizational Behavior According to Robbins, Judge, Millett, & Boyle (2013), it is important for the management of each organization to better understand their staff in a manner that will make it possible for them to improve their productivity.

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The communication of the change process is a better platform to understand the essence of the learning process on the principles of change management and communication in a digital world (Robbins et al. The society is fast changing into a dispensation that is driven by ideology on how to better the world hence the emergence of diverse creative contribution on the understanding of how better to grow the organizational brand. The essence of engaging in group discussions in an organization was to accommodate the views of different members to draw substantive insight into the essential attributes of the marketing process. The change process, for instance, is an important undertaking within organizations that focus on the need to apply several strategies that will see the implementation of the process without any problems.

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Communications within an organization through taking on discussions help enhance the quality of ideas to bring about business progression. The finance, human resource, and operations managers should provide a facilitative role of providing the human capital, financial and logistical support that enhances the execution of the other departmental roles for shared success for the organization. The growth of an organization highly depends on the organization of how the departments relate to each other as they undertake their daily responsibilities. The departments should also communicate in advance the challenges that might limit the execution of several initiatives that might adversely affect the performance of the organization. The departmental targets and overview of several undertakings are best expressed and executed by the managers responsible for the leadership role of their respective workstations defining how they operate (Robbins et al.

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The recommendations of building cohesion lie on how best the communication environment is fostered between managers and a coordination element anchored in the organizational structure (Bharadwaj, 2017). The different departments of an organization are expected to be independent in undertaking several functions but interdependent since the input of one department defines the overall success of the organization. Coordination is a key attribute in any business especially regarding the ability to make an organizational culture where interdepartmental interactions as a basic feature in the design of the business strategy (Toften & Hammervoll, 2013). The organizational operations would work better if the business has put in place a communication mechanism that brings the people together for them to set out an understanding which drives their growth expectations.

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Most corporate businesses have different departments that include website services, human resources, operations, software development, sales, finance, and marketing. The organization of the different departments is crucial towards asserting the implementation of the objectives, visions, and development of the entity across different market segments. The challenges that take place in the market make it difficult for an organization to maneuver if it lacks a communication strategy to handle faults in the market and address the concerns of the consumers. The way in which an organization executes their mandate should apply a communication model that breeds cooperation and unity among departments making it possible for each to understand each other despite the technical activities undertaken by departments. The consensus among different departments is connected through the creation of a model that builds understanding and cohesion in the execution of their mandate.

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Communication is critical for enhancing better performance since it breeds cohesiveness among employees and the engagement. A structured communication model allows employees within an organization to relate to their seniors and ensure they agree on several issues responsible for enhancing the capacity of allowing creativity for progression (Rosemann, & vom Brocke, 2015). Moreover, a better communication plan will also involve the organizing of interviews that will see the spokesperson of the company visit international mainstream media to popularize the organization and take in concerns of the people on the product. Consequently, the challenge of promotion will be the funding since it is capital intensive while the returns cannot be quantified. The competency of the communication expert should ensure that they appeal to the emotions of potential enthusiasts to the product.

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