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The media should also promote cultural awareness. Some universities in America is so far promoting cultures by incorporating different cultures in the curriculum. Understanding different communication style is essential in promoting international trade. Non-verbal communication among different culture is different and if not understood may be misinterpreted. There are some cultures who prefer direct communication while other culture view direct communication as being rude and would rather prefer indirect communication. Communication style in culture Communication implies the act of conveying or trading information by speaking or writing. Communication style refers to the way people talk to other people either in verbal or non-verbal. The culture of people dictates the different way in which they communicate. Communicating with people of different culture may not be effective in an organization due to the language barrier. For effective communication to take place, the receiver has to understand the message from the sender. This can only happen if the receiver understands the culture of the sender. Thus, in order to communicate effectively with one another, one need to understand the culture of that person. Understanding the culture of a person goes beyond knowing their language and how they communicate non-verbally. Different cultures have different communication styles. Understanding cultural differences is therefore important in order for one to have effective communication (wintson and Janson,2014). The different communication style among the different cultures is the main reasons why people have misunderstandings in organizations. In order to avoid the differences one need to understand the different communication styles in different cultures.

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For example some cultures allow greeting by hands when making business deals while other cultures does not allow such. It is advisable for one to understand the similarities and differences of communication style in different culture. There should be acceptance of intercultural differences across the globe. Different cultures have different view on communication style. While some cultures view direct communication as a rude way of communication. That a person should not be interfered with when communicating, other cultures are for it since it goes straight to the point. Self-enhancement verses self-effacement communication style Different cultures view self- enhancement and self-effacement differently. There are some cultures who prefer self enhancement as a style of communicating. Although some culture prefer a polite way of addressing people, some cultures prefer the truth instead of the indirect style.

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Elaborate verses understated communication style Elaborate communication style is use of exaggerations to express a person’s feeling. There are some cultures who prefer the to exaggerate words when communicating. For example African culture uses exaggeration when communicating. Understated communication style is the use of understatement words when communicating. This will lead to high yield in an organization since everyone will feel responsible for themselves. Instrumental verse Affective style This involves the extent to which one uses language. Different cultures use different language to communicate to people. Instrumental style for example employ sender oriented language and is a goal oriented verbal exchange. Affective communication style on the other hand is used in a low context culture and is used in a by individuals who are dominant to the other individuals. They should be aware of how the culture views eye contacts.

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Body movement and posture communicate a lot of information about them. The way people hold their hands, walk, sit or stand up can tell what a person is up to. Different culture uses different interpretation on how someone is seated, hold hands or even walk. For example walking faster in some culture simply means that they are in a hurry. In conclusion, the difference and similarities in communication style should be understood and this will enable people to interact freely without misunderstanding one another. Different cultures and communication should be introduced in schools. The mass media should play a role in global understanding by reporting what is happening across the world. This will enable people to understand the culture of different people more especially in their way of communicating. This will help in international trade.

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