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On the essay "the beauty of myths" by Naomi Wolf talks about women as well and how they walked out to embrace change and change their image as viewed by the community. These two essays have similarities and differences in the way gender is viewed and the change in gender roles over an extended period. These two essays have some differences. To start with, the essay named the Beauty Myth talks of how currently women pursue education, engage in trade, go into the work place and also entering into various professions. On the contrary, the essay by Naomi Wolf describes women as the person who pursues beauty, maintain the thin body size, put on makes among others, and this is what distinguishes men from women (Wolf, 2013).

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Another difference can be noted on how the two essays conclude their work. To start with, Gay advice women confidently and aggressively to do everything she says about leaning. Wolf, on the other hand, finds by analyzing physical and psychological effects of beauty to women. A similarity in the two essays is that women should look for money and engage in activities that bring income to their families. This is where the essays show the need to earn a living and avoid being dependent on their husbands. In conclusion, much work needs to be done on gender issues. Views of how women in the labor market should balance life should be well elaborated. Gender matters are inevitable and thus crucial in everyday activities.

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