Comparison and Contrast Martin Luther King Jr and Mother Teresa

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Martin Luther King Jr and Mother Teresa were both Christians they derived their peace and humanitarian advocates from some of the teaching they learned from the church. Both promoted peace and justice in their nations by helping the poor, standing up for the oppressed and teaching people on the importance of standing up for peace. Both won the Noble peace prize due to their efforts for peace. Luther King received his Noble Peace prize in 1964 out of his out of his leadership for civil right movement and racial justice, this was a grand prize for an African American at that time (The King Center). Mother Teresa also was known as ‘Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta’ received her Noble Peace prize in 1979 for her humanitarian work which leads to peace.

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Again, in 1963 Luther King and some right civil groups came up with a nonviolent campaign against the segregation in Birmingham where black was brutality treated by the police. The brutality against the blacks led to an outcry which led to the push for unprecedented civil right legislation. It is at this time that he wrote the ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ which is today read by many universities in the United State (The King Center). Moreover, in 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed by the Congress which eliminated racial separation in America. Chiefly, this was the agenda of the campaign Luther King was holding; it was a great achievement for him and the blacks. Furthermore, he is the only resident of America who was not a president but has a holiday in his name.

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