Comparison of Traditional Classroom Learning and Online Learning

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As such, new learning avenues have availed different new alternatives that learners can choose from. Today, learners can be able to access their desired certificates just by choosing to learn from the comfort of their homes provided they have adequate internet access. Also, the introduction of electronic learning (e-learning) does not restrict learners to specific categories. Through online learning, learners can be able to enjoy a wide array of options as all education fields have since been updating today (Clark p. This works a great deal towards enabling learners to be in a position where they are capable of learning about various causes of their choosing. This method of learning is often considered to be more flexible as compared to conventional classroom methods since one des no have to spend a lot of time and resources to move to a physical location to learn.

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Instead, one may be able to gain access to learning materials and classes from anywhere in the world provided they have adequate access to the internet. Also, online learning is often considered to be user-friendly. This is mostly the case because one is flexible to carry their various activities without having to worry about allocating time for learning as the can easily do so at their free time without having to compromise the quality of education (McLaughlin p. Conclusion Regardless of the means of learning that one chooses to adhere to, it is obvious that the advancement in technology has, for sure, transformed over time. O'Flaherty, Jacqueline, and Craig Phillips. "The use of flipped classrooms in higher education: A scoping review.

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