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To do this, the problems that need to be addressed are listed below. The receptionist does not have the right software or computer for the performance of her crucial task, for example, to arrange appointments with clients and to do accounting. A better computer system should be put in place, again, many records are stored here which face a significant risk of being lost should the computer system failure. Furthermore the design team is lacking the necessary large monitors for the display and analyzation of the graphic contents. The company does not have any cloud backup plans. The receptionist would need an addition of the available computers regarding an upgrade. This following part presents the proposed computer upgrade for the receptionist and the external hardware additions such as the external local storage devices that may be required in the future.

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HP Probook 450 G5, Core I7 processor The HP ProBook family of computers is designed for integration with businesses in a flexible manner. The HP 450 G5 is an 8th Generation Processor computer that combines comfort and flexibility with power and incredible speeds. The sleek laptop also weighs less, meaning that mobility is not a problem. The cabled connection for the receptionist’s details would be the best in terms of the flexibility as well as the cheap price, 14. Sterling Pounds (Armstrong, 2018). The reception would need up to three devices for flexibility and enhance the working rate of the receptionist. A piece of this particular computer model would cost the company at least 756. Sterling Pounds (Cnet, 2018). Even though the local storage is not enough, there is a clear need for these designers to be able to store content dynamically as it is produced from the AutoCAD and other software that they use (Autodesk, 2018).

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The team would also require a license to access all the features of the software. A standard license would cost the company 957. Sterling Pounds (Autodesk, 2108). The company may purchase the available commercial license packages or request for a customizable organisation offer for an organisation. The monitor delivers the best quality graphics in the market at an affordable cost. The monitor comes at the cost of 506. Sterling Pounds and incompatible with both Macintosh and Personal Computers (Delaney, 2017). In addition to the impressive design and large display, the BenQ monitor features a bunch of other capabilities that would come in handy during the design process and animations (Beren & Popolo, 2018). QuickBooks vs KPMG QuickBooks is a state of the art accounting software solution that is widely used across the world (QuickBooks, 2018). Conclusion The solutions that have been suggested above should offer lasting answers to the significant challenges that are currently facing the company.

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The adaption of the current technologies by the company and shift from past solutions is also an effective way of addressing the challenges in the company in that the future challenges shall be meted with innovative problem-solving solutions. The suggestions have also put into consideration the cost of the whole upgrade and what the cost may mean for a company. Specifically, the company under context has been in business for some time, meaning that the solutions that have been suggested are doable and cost-effective should the company shy away from the implementation due to the costs. For the whole company upgrade, the company would have to use at least $7000 considering that there may be other little details that might need to be fixed with the firm upgrade such as the modernised monitor mounts.

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