Controversy Treatment and Legislative Change

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For decades, the plant has undergone a series of changes which has been pushed by political and social factors as compared to science (Baron, 2015). Some scholars have advocated for legalization due to its benefits while other have differed on the issue. Undeniably, it is rare to have a heated debate which accentuated on the use of a drug as a medicine. Nevertheless, the public opinion is sharply divided with some dismissing marijuana as a malicious deception that capitalizes our natural empathy for the sick (Clark, 2018). Consequently, there have been bills which have targeted to legalize the use of marijuana in most states in the US. Notably, the effect of cannabinoids is studied generally in modesty and scenarios that are effective. Nevertheless, individuals vary in the way their response to medication of this nature.

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For instance, the medication has proved effective in treating of nausea among chemotherapy patients (Moreno, Whitehill, Quach, Midamba, & Manskopf, 2015). Furthermore, the marijuana has been used in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases. Multiple anecdotal reports on the use of marijuana in the treatment of the diseases have been effective though future research is needed to provide more insight on certain elements. Notably, apart from the harms that are linked to smoking, the severe effects of marijuana are within the norm of the impact allowed for other medications. In other words, even the normal medications have side effects. Therefore, according to Enos (2017), use of marijuana as medicine has reduced the performance of the psychomotor. Such individuals are advised not to operate vehicles or any other machinery.

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Moreover, dysphoria, and short-term immunosuppressive effects are example of acute effects. The following table shows some of the cost of some of the medication used in such cases ("Cost & Value of Medicines | PhRMA," n. d. symptom prescription Cost per dose in dollars Average cost per day in dollars pain Percocet 5mg/325 $11. 32 Morphine 1 mg/ml $0. 92 Loss of appetite Marinol 5mg $27. In this light, uses of traditional method to treat the side effect of cancer will reduce the financial burden on cancer patients (Grimes & Morris, 2015). More so, the use of marijuana as an alternative treatment has significantly reduced the budget expenditure by more than $170 million dollar in the year 2013. As a result, of this massive saving, there has been an increased effort in legalization of marijuana as an alternative treatment method.

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Notably, marijuana has been effective in term of cost as well as efficacy. Legalization of insurance coverage The primary goal of the federal government is to provide health care to its citizens. Notably, Pennsylvania has legalized the use of cannabis for treating of selected disease hence insurance companies should cover for such treatment. Legislative process Undeniably, the marijuana has been used by physicians to solve certain medical conditions which have been difficult to control using other forms of treatment. This said the danger of continues use of such drug has raised an eyebrow to most policy and lawmakers in the health sector (Brenda, 2014). Moreover, the idea of addiction has created a state of limbo in the event that such substance is legalized.

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Notably, when such illegal items are legalized, they adopt the dynamic of a free market, whereby the forces of demand adjust its price. Notably, the state of Pennsylvania has adopted a law which has allowed the use of marijuana for medical purpose to treated selected disease. Nonetheless, the debate of legalization of marijuana has been on the public domain. A portion of the citizens and other key stakeholders are advocating for the legalization of marijuana like other states in the US (Moreno, Whitehill, Quach, Midamba, & Manskopf, 2015). In this light, legalization is not a bad ideal depending on the motivation behind. Education and edifying citizens on the misconceptions and the possible danger of the use of such abuse should be the main agenda before leaders embark on the legalization of marijuana.

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