Core Competencies for a New Vision for Health Professionals

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Subject Area:Nursing

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For many years health care systems have tried coming up with a universal approach of how to train health professionals and while in the process health experts decided to come with five competencies focused on meeting patients’ needs as envisioned in nursing codes. The paper reviews the formulated core competencies and how they can be applied to all areas of nursing practice. The five critical competencies that all healthcare providers should be aware of regardless of their area of practice are: they should always aim at delivering patient-centered care, nurses are supposed to work in inter-professional teams, and the need to use quality improvement approaches should be prioritized (Blondy et al. The competencies also require all health professionals to be educated on the use of informatics and finally, nurses should also strive to employ the utilization of evidence-based practices.

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The five competencies were aimed at preparing health professionals who not only have their patient’s needs at their but to also ensure that the safety and quality aspects of healthcare services in all clinical settings are improved. It is through such meetings that the teams will also learn about the other team members’ expertise background and values. Evidence shows that effective teams have trust among the team participants. The five key competencies also help nurses, and all other health professionals maximize their ability to use reflective cognitive processes in clinical contexts. The proper clinical reasoning is a crucial part nursing practice. Nurses are professionals who are often faced with stressful situations which require them to make critical decisions that may affect the health status of a patient.

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