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He is particularly known for writing comic works. Being a fun of James Peaty's work, I was curious to learn more about him. James Peaty loves both the collaborative and flexible nature of the medium. According to him, the comics not only have an unlimited scope, but also a budget for creating stories on a canvas that is extraordinarily large. Besides, it is a relatively cheap medium as compared to video games, film, or TV, and this means that there is the ability to express ideas in short form and a room for experimentation. Moreover, Comics come out regularly, either on a weekly or monthly basis, and this makes it possible to write stories and have them in stores within a period of 12 weeks. The concrete message found in John Peaty's comics is they everyone is attempting to transcend or escape from where he or she is. For the future, Peaty hopes to focus on both comics and films although he reports that films take up to years to come to culmination. Any person who has closely watched his Peaty's work will realize they have some unique aspects. The stories are thematically complex but narrated with a light touch. Typically, Peaty's works feature characters attempting to escape from the world they have created or one that is imposed on them. Generally, he works within science fiction genres as well as crime. Peaty reports spending lots of time contemplating about the world of a story and how that story world supports the narrative.

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James Peaty has written several comic stories including Supergirl, Batman Strikes, Green Arrow, and 2000 AD. Except for Green Arrow, the rest have made several appearances. The Supergirl series reveals the value of stories that are gender-swapping. Specifically, Peaty is the writer of Supergirl #63 which displays a pretty surprising reveal for the villain of the story, but the real shocker perhaps comes at how it is well placed. Although this comic work, starts out a bit rough, Peaty artistically turns it into an intriguing exploration of Supergirl, and her teenage cohorts, Cadmus and Lois Lane. Peaty balances two primary threads, namely Kara and Lois, both of whom are given equal time for growing, climaxing in unison, and preluding the great splash at the end. Thus, this work can best be regarded as an education on the construction of exciting comic books.

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He has artistically interplayed with both images and words, and this brings in a plurality of messages. The comics have engaged in an endless combination of images and words in communicating with the readers. The diversity in content, creative formats, combinations of words and images, voices, as well as genres is what makes the comics attractive to the readers. Peaty has not stopped at combining images and words but has gone ahead to employ diverse writing styles along with fonts in telling the story. Of course, different people will understand the messages in the comic stories differently and this might be largely due to our differences. This definition accentuates more than products of human activity that are industrially made, as it makes the entire production chain relevant, besides the specific functions of every segment that is involved in availing the creations to the public.

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Therefore, the definition incorporates related activities, like graphic design and publicity, that are decisive factors in the creative process. As mentioned earlier, the creative industry has advanced significantly thanks to the digital technology. Over the recent years, there has been an increased convergence between marketing and the creative industries. In the past decades, people perceived marketing solely as branding and advertising. The creative industry is no longer a record as it is now live performances. Besides, creative works can be streamed online due to the availability of digital technology. Further, there are subscriptions and licensing subscriptions. In addition, it is the independence of labels and connects directly with the audiences. Nevertheless, it still remains to be a film but this might be for long due to the digital technology that is increasingly advancing.

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The target audience will be segmented into various categories like engagement and frequency. They are as follows: • Segment 1: Frequency First-time users: the target audience is unfamiliar with the comic works and therefore, requires to be convinced to stay. Casual users: These read or watch comic works infrequently, and have a minimal attachment to comic works. Intermediate user: This segment of target audience read or watch comic works regularly and would be greatly disappointed if these works are no longer available. Power user: this part of the audience are daily users of comic works, and hence, the products have become an integral part of their lives. Foremost, understanding what they are looking for will help in developing the content they want (Ryan, 2016). This way, the audience will co-create and engage in the content and the platform as a whole.

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Secondly, answering any questions, they might have can be a great way of engaging the target audience. Also, the tip or odd hint is a sure way of ensuring reciprocal loyalty to my site. Thirdly, being consistent and reliable is critical in ensuring that the audience remains loyal and engaged to the platform. Flew, T. Cunningham, S. Creative industries after the first decade of debate.  The information society, 26(2), 113-123. Ryan, D.

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