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The criminal justice system provides a well-developed plan that is used in ensuring that justice system in any state is maintained and upheld at all costs. Criminals have continued to exist across various countries in the world, and hence there is a need to develop a justice system that will deal with such criminals and their criminal acts. In this case, various crimes are now punishable in law through a well-defined criminal justice system. Criminology is aimed at studying and analyzing various criminal acts in society. Criminology perspective allows for studying and understands the motives behind various criminal activities in the world. In theory, Feud acknowledges that the past experiences or the childhood of any child are what will determine and show how he/she will perceive their future.

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This theory lies in the perspective of social learning. In this case, most of the things that the young individuals in the society go through are what shapes their behaviors, how they relate with others and also how they relate with other people in the society. The social learning perceptive acknowledge that the behavior developed by an individual since their childhood will affect how they relate with others, what they think and also how well they react to the various changes within their ecosystem (Robow & Manos, 1979). The theory acknowledges that the application and the use of social learning concepts makes one develop a given school of thought and it affects how the various individuals in the society will live their lives.

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In this case, Freud argues that delinquency behaviors are directly associated with the three forces that he noted as some of the major factors that shape the personality of everyone in the community. Freud argues that some three significant forces in the human body determine the behavioral development of various individuals in the society and each has his/ her own personality trait. These three forces are what shape our different perceptions and perspectives on various things which happen and which shape the human understanding of an issue that has direct effects on year lives (Robow & Manos, 1979). Feud argues that the mind of everyone is composed of the needs, the ego, and moral reasoning. The ego shows the identification, and how one understood and upheld the special norms, the needs shows what one desires to have on their lives and what they value as one of the most important things that inform their personal needs and how they want to achieve them.

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This is because this may also be informed by the other outside factors such as peer pressure and background. The other weakness of this theory is that it does not recognize the role of earned behaviors and peer pressure on criminals and this behavior in most cases is developed from the development of infrared behaviors since childhood (Abandisky, 1978). Opinion and Conclusion As much as there is some criticism, it is important to note that the theory is much applicable in developing and learning the various behavioral changes in individuals towards developing the criminal mind. The theory is instrumental in depicting and exploring the reason behind the criminal minds in the word and why the criminals often do what they do. This theory provides a general overview of various developments in the criminal minded people and how the internal mentality of an individual plays a great role.

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