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, 2016, p. np). The aim of the research was to understand the impact that internet had on the daily business carried out by sex workers in the United Kingdom. Also, the article highlights on the patterns that these people implement in ensuring successful experiences by use of the medium. However, the business is not a bed or roses as it may seem because transactions can go wrong leading to crimes which might include harassments, blackmails and even physical hurt. The street and premises managed for the practice have gradually shrunk due to the emergence of the internet within the industry with most communication for the practices carried out in the platform. This has greatly affected the sexual industry organizations across United Kingdom (Sanders, et al.

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, 2016, p. np). Despite the internet affected the traditional industrial scope, it has helped in reducing the selling of sex in the streets. These authoritative incorporations have reduced the practice to non-consensual which in most cases leads to crime (Sanders, et al. , 2016, p. np). Despite the arguments put forth by these radicalized groups, there are several positive oriented groups that engage the argument and term the practice as sexual labor because the practitioners earn a living from it. These arguments from both sides have made the issue a grey area that has conceived a lot of controversial topics across UK. With funding from Wellcome Trust and partnership with National Ugly Mug (NUM) the authors set out to sourcing the information that they used in conjuring up the article.

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National Ugly Mug had access to information that helped the authors in collecting the necessary data which was taken from its scheme whereby sex workers can report any incidences of assault or any risky experiences. The members of the organization’s scheme are mainly sex workers, premises involved in the practice and support projects for sex workers. Having a connection to the police gave it a trustworthy perspective from the members as an organization that could help them with their various issues (Sanders, et al. , 2016, p. np). Majority of the members are white females from the British origin, thus, there was none or limited representation of other ethnicities. Not only was the survey biased in terms of ethnicity but also in language as well because there was no funding to enable translation, as well as those who do not have the ability to speak or write in English.

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Since the survey was focused on NUM members, immigrants who could not sign up with the scheme were held at a disadvantage because their experiences on the use of the internet to conduct their business could not be heard or used in the research. These biases have resulted in criticizing the authenticity of NUM as a source for information on the experiences that sex workers have undergone while using the internet to advertise and market their services. These methods were important to the research because they engaged the sex workers to a level whereby they are able to gather the necessary information about their working conditions and their satisfaction with the job. Using a survey ensured that the respondents were tied to answering only the questions that the research deemed important (Sanders, et al.

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, 2016, p. np). For instance the questions asked focused on the security of job that the workers had and how the internet facilitated the carrying out of their business. Through smart phones, computers and other devices that have access to the internet these people go on by their schedules and ensure that they earn a living from it. The use of the internet made it easier for sex workers to meet clients and discuss on the payment terms in their own privacy, however, despite it being an easier and competent way to carry out their business, many risks are involved which not only endanger the integrity of the individual but also their lives (Sanders, et al. , 2016, p. np). As stated earlier, the survey findings evidenced that most of the sex workers have in one time or the other been exposed to a dangerous situation that becomes an issue to their trade.

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