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It has been the most reliable form of forensic evidence since its inception and has proved to effect well in addressing cases that are beyond the visible or audible evidence. Its usage has seen a revelation and revolution towards the way criminal investigations were carried out and implied to have the finer details of a case being used to establish the reality of the whole situation. However, even with its provision of finer details, DNA requires proper and efficient analysis conducted. It requires thorough crime scene analysis before kicking off the investigations and which makes the process effective in the long run. The use of DNA has accelerated and refined the process of criminal investigations which allows greater accuracy of current investigations and redress of past investigations thereby allowing true justice to prevail as discussed in the paper.

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All this helped bring light to the justice system, efficiency as well as guaranteed justice in the investigations. Applicability in many instances of crime: Flexibility is a great provision to any instance of acting and helps to address many issues surrounding the provided instance. The application of flexibility calls for a convenient way of doing things and applying to bring a state of convenient in the whole process or action. In the criminal justice system, flexibility is a situation of importance towards the performance and assurance of a convenient process. During the investigation process, the model used or type of evidence collected always determines the way the crime being investigated will end up as well as how it will shape the process of garnering justice.

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The possibility of evidence beyond the immediate family: The provision of evidence sometimes occurs to be limited in accordance with the direct influencer or associates to that evidence. It is always the belief and provided an aspect that with the direct association and influence of the subject and process of evidence generation, it is the only way to establish concrete foundation and association about certain factors or evidence. The generation of DNA test was believed to have a direct association in proving the matter such as a child DNA test matching with their parents or siblings. Provided that every individual in earth is uniquely different unless the case of identical twins, there are certain characteristics that do match and offer a relation.

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According to Lazer, 2004, the collection of DNA evidence provides that even though it has the reliance on immediate family for its establishment on matters of evidence, it utilizes small and tiny bits from other relatives like cousins and other extended family members. For example, when the biological material gets transferred between perpetrators and victims in violent crimes, the DNA gathered at the crime scene offers has potential in identifying the perpetrator. In this application, most of the other forensic evidence indulge in providing only clear detail away from the instance of trying to prove something that does not seem to exist at all. The provided relation of DNA analysis generates that unique character present in the form of evidence and which applies to be loose from the other forms of evidence collection.

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