Culture Representations and Mythical Illustrations in Mercedes Ad

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International companies such as Ikea have a mandate to appease the customers and lure them to the product through ad. If such companies fail to frame their ad properly, there is a possibility of the companies to get out of the main point. The main point of advertising is giving a customer a comprehensive impression of the product. The best way to do this is to apply the different cultural representations and meanings as listed by Hall and Barthes in their books. A proper application of this elements leaves a customer satisfied and assists in enabling the seller to accomplish his mission. A sexual theme comes into play at the first encounter with the ad. an observer an easy note this if he is keen.

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In the western cultures sexuality is adored. It signifies a sexual perception (Barthes, 114). The first scene of this ad is located in a pub. There is a general turn of events that is attributed to the music playing tin the background. People become extremely wild in the bar. The environment becomes wild and filled with noise. This scene has several illustrations of culture. The first illustration is that men are violent in this culture. It is a world in which people care less. No one wants to get involved in the business of another man. A black man moves into the bar and notifies the people inside that there is a situation outside. Their reaction says more about these people. Being locked in is a strange thing to them.

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Placing a woman in this context erode the role of women in the society. The implication of this involvement of women in cultism resembles a perverse society coupled with irresponsible parenting (Barthes, 125). Peter Fonda is introduced in the advertisement in the last part. The involvement of Fonda marks a point where culture crushes with civilisation. The way Fonda is dressed and the way these guys from the bar are dressed is totally different. These women are bold and strong in their views and perceptions. (Hall, 5). The intention of the men when they were moving out of the bar was to fight whoever was obstructing their bikes. This does not happen. Their motive is cut short by a divide in social class.

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When a person, the person under him can do less to harm his especially. These men do not raise a hand over Fonda yet their aim was to deal with their enemy. The strength of the car is displayed to be mighty. When Fonda switches on the engine, the throbbing of the car causes glasses to vibrate on the table. The developed theme of being wild comes into play. This means that and ad designers need to develop a way communicating to different persons in the audience without converting the meaning of the ad. This ad relates the past to the present thereby presenting a unifying theme. The young, the fairly old, the music lovers, the game lovers, the women and people from the black race are all taken care of.

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