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In this discussion, the key focus is based on implementing strategies that will improve the customer experiences within the organization. The management staff is responsible at a large percentage to work towards achieving quality standards in customer knowledge together with its employees. Thus from the challenges faced, the company can understand what is dragging them behind on their business thus creating better approaches which management staff will use in managing the customers’ experiences. Challenges facing customer services in APPLE Company and their Solutions Poor Feedback One of the key challenges facing Apple Company is the poor feedback response (Laduram, 2018). Customers in most cases give feedback on what they feel needs to be done. Lowering the commodity prices are key strategies that allow the organization to achieve more customers (Nitish, 2017).

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However, the company on lowering the prices should be at a certain percentage for the company not to make losses. Quality products delivery\ From the data collected, one of the customers states that the main challenge facing the company is the delivery of poor quality products. Customers purchase these products like phones, laptops and I pads at expensive costs. Afterwards, when using the products and find out they are faulty and applications are under performing like poor radio frequencies on iPhones, it discourages and disappoints the customers. This challenge will, however, be solved through conducting strategic training and development by the company. On training basis, both employees and customers are to be educated on how to use modern technology in a daily business transaction.

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This, also, will create a developed team of customer service professionals who will be of great advantage. Additional factors that enhance customer experience Communication patterns In the research outcomes, a key plan for the company to improve and shape the customer experience will be through improving communication patterns between company and customers. Communication allows the flow of information about new products, services, conditions on usage of the products, warranties among other aspects (Dahlen, 2010). This creates a platform for clear feedback on what needs to be done. Conclusion To attain positive customer experience within Apple, continuous marketing is an essential part of the approaches. It allows customers to be continuously informed of what they need, prefer and expect. Hence there is need of being consistent in performing of their service delivery.

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