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As a child, Chimamanda would write about Western literature similar to those of foreign stories that she read containing white skinned children especially with blue eyes, ginger beer and snow but wrote nothing about African culture or women like her. Her personal experience with the stories she read and wrote made her believe that stories should be about Western literature or foreigners. Although Adichie is a Nigerian, her childhood attempts to write stories resulted in writing about places and characters that she could not readily associate with. However, when she discovered about African stories and literature by writers such as Camara Laye and Chinua Achebe, she came to realize that individuals like her could also be in stories. Besides, Adichie story is her about poverty encounter.

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Moreover, roommate believes this since that is the "African Literature" picture painted by people. Secondly, Adichie also explains how she became a victim of a single story especially when she experienced the United States immigration debates. As Mexicans were sneaking across the US-Mexican border, immigration in the US became seem equal to Mexicans. However, Adie visited Guadalajara she became a bit surprised to seeing Mexicans different compared to how the Americans talked about the immigrants. As a result, she writes, "Show people as one thing and one thing only over and over again and that is what they become. Furthermore, we all face the consequences of a single story since we all read various novels which have no given foreigners. In addition, it is important to stress that stories matter since they can be used to insult and dispossess.

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On the other hand, stories can be helpful to humanize and empower people as stories break people's dignity as well as capable of repairing the broken dignity of people. Moreover, we usually need not read various versions of a particular single story since there is has never been a specific single story about any issue or place. Therefore, showing or telling people as only a single thing while knowing nothing especially those that are related to a real identity is the impact of a single story. Furthermore, I do believe that being a fan of football clubs is seasonal. For instance, today I may be a fan of Manchester United while tomorrow I may shift to Liverpool FC, or even support my country during a world cup march and tomorrow I support a country that knocks my country out of world cup trophy.

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