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For example, we can use it in positive ways and negative ways as well. The best example is corporate tracking and negative use are selling drugs and weapons on the dark web. The deep or dark web refers to word wide web content that is not part of the surface web. In another word, the dark web is a system of computers that allows a person to hide their identity. Akyildiz 23)  Using the Dark web can be useful and at the same time very dangerous. In this situation, there is an ominous which is a development where a cybercriminals who have high skills do packaging in a software. At this stage, even the layMEN who do not clearly understand the dark web technology can also be involved in cyber crimes. Previously cybercrime used to involve a lot of technology where only people who have high knowledge in technology where they would hack the system and steal information of on the credit cards.

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 (Chen 347) Currently according to Goodman the people who are involved in cyber crimes to create a point and click when wearing crime wears and this helps in the provision of a software which is used into committing cybercrime. He further states that these days you one no longer need to know how to hack in order to be a cyber criminal. When children are exposed to sex at a very tender age, they become generally immoral and the study shows that most of them might decide to be prostitutes when they become of age. Again the children might be at a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancies and this might lead to school drop out of these children. When there is a high percentage of uneducated children in a country then it will mean the next generation will be in problems as there will be no people to take up technical jobs that might need a high level of education.

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Through the analysis, it clearly indicates that Dark web really fuels up the the the incidences of general crime in the society. Apart from the Dark web criminals still have other options other than the Tor technology. In around 2009 there was the first online market which used the Tor technology to hide the identities. Up to now, there are thousands of Tor accounts which and approximately 15% are meant to sell illegal drugs (McCulloch 31). The Dark web has led to the increase of drug being used in 2014 according to the survey done in 2015. Through the Dark web market, the drugs are made readily available because the chain between the producers and the consumers is reduced. Through the platforms, the customers are able to rate the suppliers which mak suppliers who are trustworthy to receive more customers than the untrustworthy ones.

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The cybercriminals are trying to find a way to make the anonymity even better than they have been using it. Benefits of Dark Web The dark web provides security to the individuals who would like their online activities to be monitored. Some of the people who benefit from the dark web are whistleblowers. These are people who give secrets on people who do evil things in the society like the drug dealers. Richet 62) The whistleblowers fear for their lives because the people they unveil their secrets are powerful people who can kill them or harm their family members. This group of people enjoys the use of TOR and no one realizes who they are. Some people simply enjoy hiding their identities. Conclusion In conclusion, a dark web is an emerging issue in the government and the government should have a procedure which kind of people are supposed to use them and who should not access the dark web.

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The policies should include the consequences of illegal involvement in cyber crimes. Because when the dark web is not controlled, it poses a threat of terrorism and drug abuse among the people. Science Trends, 2018. Richet, Jean-Loup. How to Become a Cybercriminal?" The Dark Web, pp. Schein, David D. and Lawrence J.

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