Dementia Evaluation Paper

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An efficient representation of how the study should be conducted is represented in the research proposal document as well. A literature review is required for every detailed proposal as well as comprehensive methodologies of how the study will be conducted within the rational. A hypothesis and a description of the anticipated results of the research project are also incorporated. The proposal draft contains the specified aims of the study. The goals seem to be somehow complicated and therefore may require extremely detailed procedures in an elaboration of the proposal. Literature review connotation. It would be correct to say that the background information does not integrate all the parts of the research that could justify the necessity of the research. Instead, significant portions of the literature review talk about the diseases and how the work once they get to the body of the patient.

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The literature review is expected to present some elaborated findings regarding the problem of research. The author did not outsource enough information to rationalize the data associated with that particular disease. The proposed study proposes a lot of challenges to the worldwide medical research tea. It appears to challenge the effectiveness of the forms of medication that have been put in place to counter different diseases. This research paper has been able to confront many healthcare services offered worldwide for dementia patients some of the problems associated with the dementia diseases include the lack of enough supply of blood to the brain as well. This is an example of medical and scientific sectors that have been challenged by the study. The proposed research will lead to the improvement of numerous sections of the scientific studies.

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Also, the author seems to think that the pay is the only concern that he/she needs to worry about while finding the doctors. The research study involves the use of technologically modified chemical equipment. It is an innovative strategy which is meant to make the research easier and faster. The efficiency of the apparatus needs to be considered first before making any advanced research moves. Hypotheses and the research methodology. The main aims involve coming up with different medication for dementia. The study methodologies integrated into this research proposal do not seem to convince the audience that there is a reliable possibility of coming up with new forms of medication. The research shows how severe the disease is capable of becoming, but the procedures of coming up with a better medicine are less addressed in the document.

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