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A participatory state, means that citizens are the one who conduct the active role in self-government while an arrangement is only little is aske4d from the citizens. This is mainly carried out through elections. Some want to have as many elected positions as possible which for instance include, judges. Others believe that having a lot of democracy may lead [poor outcome and excess populist. (Naylor, C. He claims that those who uphold the democracy of Canada denounce authoritarian leaders are simply disingenuous. With all this information we can say that Canada is actually fully democratic beginning from the civic level to the national level through the provincial level. In order to have the democracy of Canada improved to higher levels, the citizens of Canada need to create a common “voice”.

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(Naylor, C. David (2018): 17-18. Many feel that the current appointed senate has turned out to be a heavy burden and a waste to them. The greatest drawback to the democracy of Canada is that it doesn’t connect citizens to the issues that prevail the agenda of the parliament and the issues that are crucial the lives of the citizen. (Harrison, Lawrence E, 2018). Currently the citizen’s satisfaction to their democracy standard has dipped very low. This problem has greatly been as a result of weak members of parliament. (Harrison, Lawrence E, 2018). If all this could change and have good leaders in every position, Canada would be in a position of overcoming its current pressuring problems. The deteriorating democracy and the demolition of the parliamentary processes which govern Canadians way of life is a major drawback facing the country.

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Canadians since ever from the beginning are very proud of their country Canada. This has over a very long time been reputed in all parts of the world. The people of Canada are naturally polite they will always say sorry and they never close doors for anyone. Hockey may not be the most official sport in Canada but it’s the sport that most Canadians seem have passion on. Hockey is mainly played in the local neighborhoods and at stadiums that mostly host thousands of spectators. Democracy and culture relationship is a very long interesting story especially in political science. Value orientations are generally studied in the as important manifestations of culture. The have risen huge threats to the democracy of Canada and as a result there is need to take immediate steps in order to protect its democracy from violation.

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One of the greatest threats facing the Canadian democracy is cyber threats. Therefore, there is need for Canada to defend its political activities and the processes of election from cyber threat. Over the past decade, assessments have been done aiming on cyber threats that may be affecting media, politicians, political parties or even the elections. (Runyan, Anne Sisson. There is always a great need to appreciate and understand the indigenous people, the languages symbols and the Canadian anthem. On top it’s also vital to understand the monarchy role in Canada. (Harrison, Lawrence E, 2018). Recognizing the effect of gender equality promotion and the need to protect diversity of culture and the human rights in creating a better shape for the future of Canadian democracy.

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