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Currently, it is not a must for an organization to hold a physical board meeting, they teleconference and business moves on as usual. Genetic engineering and the use of technology in biology has enabled doctors to treat diseases that were previously incurable. Families can now know the gender of their babies way before they are born while students can access information at the comfort of their bed. This is a remarkable signature of the unceasing evolution in the world. Wherever human beings are found in the universe, evolution is inevitable since human tries to develop things more and more. Technology is both cost-effective and time-saving. As a result, people depend on technologies to enable easy and cost-effective communication. The rise in the general acceptability of technology is a clear replacement of the older means of doing things.

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Owning a bed is arguably dependence on such an important piece of innovation. However, it is completely unreasonable to sleep on the floor or on a papyrus carpet just in order to escape the possibility of dependence or reliance on a great innovation. Similarly, the adoption of technology is not a choice that one can make. Dependence on technology mainly motivated by the need for efficiency and effectiveness in terms of cost and time. The use of technology has been imposed on human beings by their needs and the changes around them. For example, the use of emails and mobile phones is a type of technology that has been imposed on people’s lives, not by another human beings, but the needs and changes around them. If a person needs to send a letter instead of using email or texts, the letter would be costlier and more time-consuming when compared to the other modern means that adopts technological advance.

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For example, the use of cars as a mean of transport could be associated with a given social class. Those who have cars are considered to be living a better life than those who don’t. Therefore, the continuous use of a car could be a means to fit into a given social class. This way, people use their vehicles, not because they cannot do without, but because the society expects them to. Despite the immense benefits of technology, it has an ugly side that is destroying the economic, political, and social fabric of society. On the contrary, people have learned how to shade off skills that are no longer important. For example, in the 18th century, masculinity and strength was considered to be very important. This is because at the time, the main sources of food and other basic needs required physical energy and strengths.

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The main sources of livelihood at the time were mainly manual in nature. However, with the era of information, the main sources of livelihood are associated with knowledge and information. The growing need to move towards efficient and effective methods of production and existence is a constant push towards technology. Global warming is a constant reminder of why people need to embrace efficient and effective ways of life. Developing new gadgets every single year means that manufacturing has to be done in some ways. However, manufacturing a new gadget mainly relies on burning fossil fuels which makes global warming even worse. Social class is also another push force towards embracing technology given that humans are social beings and their need to have that sense of belonging is unavoidable.  Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 19.

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Lu, June, James E. Yao, and Chun-Sheng Yu. Personal innovativeness, social influences and adoption of wireless Internet services via mobile technology.  The Journal of Strategic Information Systems 14.

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