Development in Intellectualism Outside School

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I would draw every time I got the opportunity to do so. However, the passion got greater in our new town when everybody who saw my works of art kept asking for more and more. At this point, I was motivated to draw more and show my friends and family my creativity. Six months later, after everyone in our neighborhood had seen my work through a word of mouth referral from my family members a small click of my friends, I finally got the need to explore more about art through formal classroom experience. This desire was further sparked by recommendations from my friends that there was an art club where students could nurture their passions and become top-notch performers of their ongoing work.

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His work demonstrates skill and perfectionism; he brings to perspective images that describe one’s imaginations. To understand how nature works and then presenting it in the form of art is a demonstration of intelligence. Also, the ability to convey messages through art by modeling a real-life scenario is a show of intelligence. Growing up, I and my peers had different passions and interests, for example, my closest friend Brian was a passionate sportsman who would go a long way to miss class to watch the repeat of a football game. Others had different interests including singing and dancing while some for the notion of intellectualism preferred nothing but classwork and timely completion of their assignment. To bridge the gap, both sides of the divide need to accept that intellectualism differs among different groups, for instance, a person who loves art has a different take on intellectualism compared to another who prefers research and classwork.

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