Development Standardized Discharging Intervention to Prevent Readmission of Avoidable CHF Patients

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Subject Area:Nursing

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The abstract of the final project will be present in about 350 to 500 words. a) Contains project title, project director’s name, and affiliation. b) Presents a complete and concise overview of all phases of the proposed project SECTION A: PROBLEM DESCRIPTION The main problem of the paper is that I am trying to establish a solution on how I can reduce the readmission of avoidable CHF patients. This will act as a way of reducing congestion and managing finance of both the patient and the hospital’s or rather that of the government. In this section, I will introduce my project by telling the importance of the project I am researching on, to your profession and career. I will also provide enough details to establish the utility of this methodology to my specific topic.

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In this case, different data collection methods will be employed. In this case, both qualitative and quantitative will be used as the research is very critical and every accuracy aspect has to be employed during data collection and recording. Under this section, questionnaires and interviews will be the primary source of data mining process though I will still visit healthcare institutions and request for reports that have been done before on readmission of CHF patients. SECTION C: SOLUTION DESCRIPTION Under this section, I will be presenting the solution details according to my data that I will have gathered and analyzed. The plan of the project is to come up with a solution on how the admission of the CHF patients can be reduced especially in the avoidable cases.

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If this is determined then a structure has to be drawn based on the budget and time the plan has to be implemented. In this case, the project has to be implemented based on the fact that the budget of managing the patients is high so the plan is to reduce the readmission and impact them with relevant knowledge on how to handle the situation. One of the objectives of this project is to provide the patients with relevant education on how CHF can be managed and avoided. In this case, the plan is to roll out the program and implement it. Under this section, I will show how the project was done and how the results were recorded. Sections to be handled here are: a) Critical Appraisal Checklists b) Evaluation Table c) Conceptual Models d) Timeline e) Resource List f) Proposal Instruments g) Data Collection Tool: Under this section, I have to collect data for my research project.

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The data will be mainly collected from the health care institutions and even from the patients that have CHF condition. Here, I will be acquainting readers with existing studies relative to what research methodologies have been utilized. h) Budget i.

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