The Issues that Cannabis has in the Community

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this is as far as they are concerned. However, this issue has to be looked at in a wider perspective because the damage it is currently causing is way worse than its benefits. Yes, it is true that it has some medicinal benefits but this can only be used by patients who have been licensed by their various governments. The bottom-line is that the drug still remains illegal in most countries because of the damages it has caused. This is especially on campuses today. I believe that it is due to the lack of information about the dangers of this drug that makes several people to be involved with it. The health risks it has on the youth, in general, is too dangerous to an extent that those who have this information but are still using the drug are putting their lives in great danger.

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For a student, their academic life suffers a lot without them realizing it at all. This is because of the slow effects it has on the users. Literature Review There is a lot of information that has already been written about cannabis sativa, its use and most importantly the deadly effects it has on the users. Panicking for a student does not help them in any way because it leads to paranoia which is a very bad case for the brain. A long-term effect which has taken tall of very many students who use marijuana in a cause is the effect on their academic performance (Diplock, Cohen & Plecas, 2009). Marijuana users definitely record very poor performances and this is because of the laziness it has on students.

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The lazi9ness takes over students slowly in a way that they never get to realize. Sometimes they are woken up by the poor grades they are posting and if the student had been a good one from the start then the instructor can easily identify where the problem is. The use of marijuana also affects their body to an extent that they may not be able to take up any complex tasks (McCarthy, 2017). This may get to a point where they become very useless in the society and even to themselves and their families. As a result, there is need to deal with the abuse of marijuana on our campuses today. Risks and Protective Factors on Campus There are several risks on campus that come with the abuse of marijuana.

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For example, it creates an environment where peers are consuming the drug in the campus. Students can be protected from the abuse of marijuana in several ways. For example, they should be encouraged to take part in after-school activities or clubs. This keeps them occupied in such a way that they hardly get time to indulge in bad activities such as the abuse of marijuana in the campus. The family should also keep watch. This is to ensure that students are not involved in drugs that may end every student up messing up their lives. This is one area that is most used by those students who take part in the abuse of marijuana. The reason for this is that it is almost impossible for anyone to suspect that any activities would be taking place in the woods at night.

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The woods should also be well lit through the installation of more security lights which will help to discourage students from going to such areas to smoke. The dorms also provide a hidden place where students can use drugs without being noticed. This is specifically the dorm room bathrooms which are meant to help- the students freshen up. If students drive the campaign with little supervision from the administration then their peers who take part in the abuse of marijuana will find it very difficult to continue with the practice since they will be expected to act right. This is an expectation that they would have to meet. Pilot Program Outcomes, Evaluation, Potential Results The pilot program described above is a practical thing that will be expected to give results.

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