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One good example of digital convergence in music is the use of mobile phones where it has combined mp3, Texting, and camera into one. They have all been converted into one form of entertainment (Asonyre 16). Music has changed to be interactive making record companies release tracks by musicians that can be modified and influenced by listeners and fans. The internet has abridged the world into a global village. Convergence of music production, including creation, distribution, exhibition, and presentation that have been brought by the digital communication has shaken the music industry like never seen before. Compared to earlier in the days where one would have waited for the accredited distributors to sell the albums of specific music to them. Today, an artist can release his or her song, and in the next hour, more than a billion people have received the music through their methods of accessing music (Sophie 2).

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With this method, it has enabled people not to carry around with them with physical format of music but just having the internet connection and they will be able to get the information they require. Mobile phones are one of the examples of convergence where they can be used to listen to music, view photos, and videos through the access to the internet. For instance, with the launching of iTunes music store, it as enabled the online music market and digital market to diversify. However, this has changed over time (Abhijit 5). Convergence has a great impact on the music industry due to the rising changes in the sector. Download formats have greatly changed due to the convergence. With the use of Facebook, My Space and other tools emerging as marketing tools, record companies have started using them in promoting their artists and their website to promote their music (Abhijit 15).

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With this, they usually provided the link as to where the customers shall be able to download music from their websites and other online platforms. The company will intern provide a music manufacturer with the music where they will produce numerous copies and give them to the distributors whom will then give the music to the retailers and finally it reaches the customer. The industry involved the creation of music in CDs, MP3s and Vinyl LPs which were sold to music listeners. However, digital convergence has changed all of this drastically. During a lecture, Ellner (2009) stated that the music industry had been affected by illegal downloading making physical sale be declined by customers who have already received the music through downloading.

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Music has currently become more portable. They need to make a living through music; however, the strategy of making a living has changed. This is because of diversification of revenue. Many of the musicians have changed their professional music and have engaged in more than three jibs. They engage in composing, recording of music and performance. Conclusion Convergence has remained to be a crucial aspect of the music industry which has transformed the format of music people want. Work cited Abhijit, Sen, “Music in the Digital Age: Musicians and Fans Around the world “Come Together" on the Net. " Available Online: https://www. globalmediajournal. com/open-access/music-in-the-digital-age-musicians-and-fans-around-the-world-come-together-on-the-net. pdf Alexandre, Perrin, “Bussiness Models in the Music Industry: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” Available Online: https://www.

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