Discussion on principles of Jainism

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These principles represent the highest levels of human virtues that can ever be attained which if followed can lead to the attainment of liberation. However such strict principles can only be applicable to just a minority group such as the monks, priests and Gurus and not to all people. The minority such as Monks who spend most of their time in temples and places of worship have an enabling environment to practice adhere to all the principles of Jainism but to the general population whose survival is the core objective such principles would be unreasonable and unattainable at the same time. EASTERN RELIGIONS CHART HINDUISM CONFUCIANISM BUDHISM POLYTHEISTIC /MONOTHEISTIC polytheistic Neither- it just a philosophy Neither –modern versions have adopted many local deities FOUNDER None Confucius Siddhartha Gautama DEITY Many gods-i.

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