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In my narrative below, I have related an incident wherein the long run I came to realize that I responded disproportionately. It was a chilly Sunday morning with the birds singing their morning glory songs praising the Lord for the morning. I was turning eighteen, and my folks had planned to through a party for me. I had been vividly waiting for this day to come. I kept on calling my friends and reminding them to show up for the party. I’ve always wanted to have fun in my life, and that was my day. Most of my friend showed up with gifts and presents. We later decided to leave for a nearby club that had an ongoing event as we saw being boring.

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However, I knew my mother was against the ideas as the place was renowned for selling alcohol to teenagers. I organized for their tickets, and as soon as everything was ready, we left for the club. However, to my surprise, the policemen were looking for a certain man whom they finally caught at the entrance even before we showed them our identical cards. I regretted so much for I had spilled the beans and yet there was no issue at all. I left the club worried for I had to explain why I left with the car and why we went to the club even after being warned. At the end of this experience with the police officers I came to realize that my response was unjustified and disproportionate as in the long last, I overreacted and gave a more than was expected response to an action that didn’t call or guarantee for it.

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