Dissembling and identity living a lie

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I cannot stop asking myself whether I have been dissembling, or if my identity is honest. Looking back, I think that all identities are indeed dissembled to some extent. No identity can be purely honest. The pressure to cope or gain some sort of advantage usually forces one to deceive others about who they are. Having thus lied, one starts to have the urge to maintain that self-image. was a lie. Innocently, Vargas attempted to apply for a driving license with his fake certificates. The two situations show that dissembling starts with innocent intentions. However, despite the fact that people create lies for innocent reasons, there comes a time when people have no choice but to keep maintaining their fake identities.

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When Vargas realized that his certificates were faked, he instantly noticed that he could get deported. He had to put a sliver of white tape on his Social Security card to conceal the fact that he needed INS authorization for him to work in the United States (Vargas, 16). Lastly, he had certain documents with faked details. A good example is his driving license, which said he had an address in the U. S. Wright also had some outward manifestation of dissembling, though not as many as Vargas. Both characters felt the psychological impacts of dissembling. Wright was weighed down immensely by the books he read. The moods of the books he read would stay with him, lingering and coloring everything that he saw, heard, or did (Wright, 18).

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With time, Wright developed deeper psychological issues. He was so affected by the books he read that he admits that his entire attitude and personality changed. They should inspire everyone to analyze their lives and realize where they are dissembling. To avoid experiencing similar psychological impacts, we should stop dissembling and have our identity straight. From my readings on dissembling, I have come up with a theory to explain the some of the tensions and dilemmas in the experiences of each individual. I believe that the society as it is forces people to dissemble. There are several stereotypes that have been created which force people to dissemble to get out of tense situations. Because of a stereotype, he had to pretend to be sent by a white person, or hold a newspaper to hide the books he was reading.

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When we are affected by stereotypes, we behave the same way Wright did. I therefore believe that my theory holds. The narration by Jose Antonio Vargas can also be used to support the theory. In his case, he was affected by the stereotype that immigrants are dangerous and should be deported. People are faced by the pressure of conforming to some accepted identity. They therefore feel obligated to hide their real identity. I intend to do more research to validate this theory. Reading more research papers on the topic will help with the same. Conclusion Dissembling is a serious issue that affects all of us. " The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia, 15 Apr.  2019, www. nytimes. com/2019/04/12/opinion/undocumented-immigrants-drivers-license-new-york.

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