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Statistics review that these children are at a high risk for alcohol and drug abuse, sexual acting out, running away, and suicide. Generally, policies against domestic violence have become broad and more seriousness is being undertaken to the issue by the federal government. In law courts, the judges are expected to consider the family history on domestic violence in determining the conclusion of cases. Judges and the judicial system have failed to address the root cause of domestic violence that exists in the society. This paper examines the issues revolving domestic violence and its link to substance abuse and the remedies that can be adopted to solve with the issue in the society.  Alternative measures and treatment approaches need to be designed to help individuals overcome the causes of domestic violence within the society.

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Women are the most affected group since they are the most vulnerable gender.   Criminal justice and law enforcement segments have failed to implement policies to fight the increased discrimination within families. These help to enhance social justice within family members.   Domestic violence has not been fully recognized within the justice system and this cause caused many institutions to fail to respond to the problem.   The path towards cultural competence in counseling profession is challenging because it requires acceptance of responsibility for people’s inactions and actions in the society.   In the long run, it requires that people have prolonged efforts aimed at working towards a society that is free from prejudice. In the Micro level, counselors should ensure that they have gained sufficient knowledge about cultures and reflect about the needs of people from different regions.

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Counselors have been advised to make a point of understanding other people’s culture so as to benefit their clientele (Gaimard, 2017).   The most daring solution is to have awareness campaigns conducted by women to educate the community on the negative effects of gender based violence.   Outcome oriented programs and process oriented curriculum should be used in the classroom to promote cross cultural understanding.   Training counselors to promote cross cultural understanding can help to promote competence, improve mutual understanding and also enhance transformation. This shall help to engage individuals in understanding each other in terms of cross cultural knowledge (Fischel-Wolovick, 2018).   References Top of Form Fischel-Wolovick, L.  Traumatic divorce and separation: The impact of domestic violence and substance abuse in custody and divorce.

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