Effect of incarcerated parent on children

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Take for instance in my country of birth, most men are arrested each day for treading on the wrong side of the law. They get arrested and are put in custody to await judgement by the judicial system which is the court. Their cases are processed and soon they get arraigned in court to face their judgements. Most criminals hardly escape this since upon proven guilty, they are put behind bars as a sole measure of punishment for their misconduct. Sadly, they leave behind little children who in turn will have nobody to look up to for provision, guidance and security. PATERNAL INCARCERATION Most fathers are breadwinners in most families. They are the head of security in their houses and the solutions to most family problems.

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Without the father, a child might be forced to undergo severe tortures. The following are some of the effects of paternal incarceration; FOOD INSECURITY At a tender age, a child whose parent has been incarcerated might find it difficult to cope up with life. In case the breadwinner of the child is put in prison, the child automatically loses food security. This child will begin comparing himself with other children whose parents are still with them and feel completely isolated and lost. Anger may start building up and the child might soon develop violate characters due to jealousy. This child becomes very violent and might make violence a completely grown part of him to old age. SHAME The child might be molested by other children.

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The guilt of his parent being in prison might make him feel weak and embarrassed to face his long-term friends. In case he had a heart problem, this act might put him under intensive care in the hospital. At school, his academic work will soon begin dropping and hitting lower grades than before (Gella & Amanda et al. Counsel might be offered but the child might never be the same again, for he has suffered a sudden shock that he was never prepared for. MATERNAL INCARCERATION A mother is solely the central light of every family and by far the most important of the two. Mothers are the most caring and the most advanced in measures regarding good nurturing and proper development of every child.

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In her absence, for sure, a child is likely to lose more than his or her life to say. UNDERPERFORMANCE IN SCHOOL My mother would often visit my school headmaster and demand to know my performance while my father was busy at work working for our meal and mortgage. She would even come as often as three days each week. This act got me scared of being found on the outperforming side in the field of academics. I was thus inspired to work hard and be of good conduct throughout the week in school. He might become a thief, stealing to survive. As the child grows to a man, this act of thievery grows along with him. It gets the better of him and might later find it hard to let go of it.

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He, therefore, becomes a pain to the society who will never know peace and security of their property until the thief is killed or put behind bars. UNREALISED POTENTIALS A young bright child whose parent has been incarcerated might lose focus in studies. This completely ruins society. EFFECT TO THE COUNTRY UNREALISED DREAMS In case of parental incarceration, the left behind child loses his dreams of perhaps becoming the future president or chancellor of his country. This is because the child will never have a normal life of growing under the care and good nurturing of the parents. The country, therefore, suffers the loss of a genius mind that might have perhaps led the country to the next greater revolution in the history of nations (Aaron et al.

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The country will lose the next best surgeon in the entire planet, the next best pilot who would never lose a single passenger in the name of a plane crash. It is their role to build a good family tie between their children and their relatives so that in case of alienation by the law, the children will have good foster parents who will look well after them. Parents should teach their children good morals so that they may grow up knowing the benefits of being mindful about other people's welfare in the society (Western et al. These will help them grow up to mature and well responsible men and women. TO THE SOCIETY. A child is not the sole responsibility of the parents.

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