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More so as a way of relieving stress. It makes them free from unpleasant feelings. Nevertheless, it is a risk to the health of a person. Are the cigarette packets even labeled with warning signs? People still smoke with the knowledge of the status quo (Huesch). Previously governments had introduced policies to have open spaces for persons who were smoking. It possesses a threat to the health of the people of which could have been backed by scientific data. More of the studies had centered on where the smoke was spiteful and irritating. From scientific research, the smoking of a cigarette has a more significant health impact on a person that is inhaling the smoke (Anyanwu, Craig, Katikireddi, and Green). A person considered as a non-smoker. They become susceptible to health conditions such as lung cancer, heart illness, and severe experiences of asthma.

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The law on public smoking has had an impact (Anyanwu, Craig, Katikireddi, and Green). This has assisted in decreasing rates of heart attack and expectant woman difficulties when giving birth. Do they inhale this smoke? Children with cases of asthma have also reduced significantly. Other areas that should be off limits are smoking, including schools, stadiums, convention centers, and private workplaces. To this extent, it would be an excellent avenue to ban the places that people smoke in public areas (Anyanwu, Craig, Katikireddi, and Green). The federal government through the composition of the states can pass legislation (Huesch). For instance, the city council voted for the ban during their last sitting thirty-six to twelve. They rejected a proposal to have public spaces as areas of smoking still. The smoking fraternity wanted to have their joints in place yet.

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This led to the public also sitting on the gallery. This is through the use of friendly posters and ambassadors. Media and social media advertisements would also be a good avenue. This is because many people would be aware and not be caught off guard when they are smoking (Huesch). According to air monitoring researches, health risks have been seen to reduce significantly. This is due to the effects of the smoke being some distance away. This was an account by Health commissioner. He went on to report that smokers also litter the beach areas as well as the parks. They leave the cigarette butts aimlessly. This finding was made possible by counting the butts in some areas that had been sampled. He claimed that he looked at the items that were disposed and found that cigarette butts were very many in the area.

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Tobacco is seen in contemporary times to be the leading cause of most deaths. This leads the people also to be significantly affected by diseases. For instance, in the USA smoking has remained stationary. The legislative process has made it possible for this to happen. To illustrate these politicians have had a chance of enacting tax provisions of cessation services and civic education crusades (NEJM). Smokers are being banned in all places. This will lead them to have no space eventually. Would they hide now to smoke or light a cigarette to have a happy feeling? Alluding to Allan Brandt statement on where they would hide (NEJM). In summary, smoking should be banned from all public spaces. It is a safety measure to mitigate the effects of smoking in the country.

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Tobacco is seen in contemporary times to be the leading cause of most deaths. Therefore the soft power that is being used remains to be effective. Everyone deserves a healthy life and environment; therefore, smoking fraternity should not be allowed to smoke in public places. Works Cited Huesch, M. Causal Effect of Public Space Smoking Bans? JAMA Intern Med. Protocol Impacts of smoke-free public places legislation on inequalities in youth smoking uptake: study protocol for a secondary analysis of UK survey data. Volume 8, Issue 3. BMJ journals.

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